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Pulled Away
When Power Fade's We must Pay







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This is the first chapter of the book. When the capitol Crummbled. In this chapter the characters watch the capitol fall. They are then watch their parents be executed and are forced into the games.

The FallEdit

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe


I watch from my window as dozens of traps are sparked. The chaos is everywhere. People running screaming. I watch as a little girl in a yellow raincoat is shot down. I spot two people, a boy and a girl trying to escape.

I'm cramed in my room with about 15 refugees. My mom is currently with the president talking about what to do. I am scared. I think about the mutts who are being used to kill any rebells. I wish I could have changed things. Why did the rebells have to rebell?

Just then a little girl screams. I run into another room, it's facings a different street. On this one a trap has been demployed that fires lazers into a mob of people. They fall over with burned bodies and no faces. I pull the girl away and help her find her parents.

Then just minutes later I hear a BOOM in the distance followed shortly by another.


A bomb hits just in front of the Capitol Building, my mother in the other room talking stratagey with the president. Then all chaos erupt as the building is sieged by rebel soldiers. My mother burst through the door, she runs towards me but is pulled away. Our hands miss each others by inches, and I begin to cry.

There is no more order I have just lost my mother, my only family. I have no one to turn to, I have no one to love, I have no one to care about. If I have no one, I guess... I am no one. I turn calm, I turn quiet, I turn into the only hole left, silence.


When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Author Unknown

Clement's POVEdit

I wake up and hope that yesterday was a nightmare, because I can escape nightmare. I can't escape real life, but I can try.

Today my mother will fly, today my mother will fall. The only thing holding her down will be a noose around her neck. I know that today will be my last moments with my mother. I get 10 minutes before she is hung. I will miss her, I know it but i don't want to forget her. She will always be in my mind, and in my soul.