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Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weapon Sword and Daggers
Fate Deceased

Pollux was a tribute from District 9 who participated in the 56th Hunger Games. She was Castress older brother, Pollux could handle almost every weapon and was greatly wanted by the Career Pack, but he declined, determined to watch over his sister. He was going to be allies with Evan , but then he changed his mind saying that they would slow them down. He was considered to be an intimidating person who always was freaking serius, even when her sister was playing with him. He was very strong as he could lift huge boulders of the arena. The only one who can make him smile is Castress . He was rated a 8 by the Gamemakers.


Pollux was 18 years old almost an adult with short black hair and blue eyes. He was very tall and he was thin but muscled. He was categorized as a very intimidating and serious boy by the Capitol. 


Pollux loved her sister and his determined to protect her during the games. He is also prepared to commit suicide if it comes to both of them, but until then, he is going to slay anyone who that poses a threat to her sister's life. He has a caring soul deep inside those muscles and the strenght, but he just doesn't show it. Yet.

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