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Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weapon Her Freaking Brain
Fate Deceased

Pepper was a Tribute from District 3 who participated in the 56th Hunger Games. She was from Evan's Pack, and was considered a Genius, by her fellow peers. She was very intelligent and could assemble machines and fix T.V's in less than 45 minutes. She was a peculiar person, because he liked Classic Music and Heavy Metal too, He knew the elements which composed the Magnesium Compound that was in the Arena and managed to light a fire that was not inflammable before she was killed. She was rated a 7 by the Gamemakers.


Pepper was 15 years old, black teenager with mid-long curly brown hair and brown eyes. She had middle height and was thin. She was categorized as a very intelligent, weird but cute girl by the Capitol, but sometimes, she had a know-it-all attitude against people.


She was considered a genius amongst the Tributes and perhaps, more intelligent than some adults in the District 3, as she used to sneak in into the public library back in her district and read for hours. Sometimes she got annoying towards the non intelligent people, screaming at them why they were wrong. Despite this, she was a pure person, and meant no harm.

56th Hunger GamesEdit

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