Pat Lok
Age 13
Home District 7
Gender Male
Weapon Triton, lasor
Fate Deceased

Pat Lok was a tribute from the 3rd Hunger Games. His weapons were a triton and a laser. He was killed by Mike.

The Cornicopia

Pat raced in to the cornicopia and grabbed a triton. Then he vanished into the woods. At night he heard a canon and saw Grove's face in the sky.

A steal

He met up with Tyrone. Tyrone through knives but Pat blocked them with his triton. Then Sugon jumedd in and shot her laser. She missed and was killed by Pat. He took her laser and ran.


Pat snuck up on Mike when Cono set of a mine. A cave was half exploded and Cono was killed during it. Pat found Tyrone was also spying. They battled. During the battle Mike snuck up and shot Pat in the back with his bow and arrow.

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