Nolan Marek
Age Late teens-Mid 20s
Occupation Tribute, Mentor
Home Victors' Village in District 13
Gender Male
Height 5'"9
Weapon Bow and Arrow, Hatchet, Axe
Fate Alive
Portrayed by Logan Lerman

Nolan Marek is the first ever Victor from District 13 and the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games, He also contributed in the Third Quarter Quell.


Early LifeEdit

Nolan was born in District 2 to Maple Marek and Peacekeeper Romulus Thread, Romulus expressed his wish for Nolan to become a Peacekeeper like him but his mother fought that it would lead him into a life where he killed innocent people. Maple originally being from District 7 moved back their with a young Nolan breaking Romulus' heart, In District 7 Maple met her childhood sweetheart Grover Mackinson. Grover and Maple had a son who they named Remus who was 3 years younger than Nolan, One day after arriving in District 7 Romulus Thread killed Mackinson after finding out that he was with Maple. Romulus allowed Maple and her 2 children to continue living in District 7.

Early Teenage YearsEdit

Nolan began to chop wood for a living which made him a skilled Axeman, one day Nolan met Johanna Mason. The two became best friends much into their early teens until Nolan and his family moved to District 13, Nolan stilled kept in touch as he would send letters to her and her to him. In District 13 Nolan's mother became a Doctor and enrolled her children into the local school, Nolan used to read his mothers medical journal and learnt about the parts of the human body and different illnesses along with their cures. Nolan also developed a love for Archery and once encountered a strange girl who was hunting for a turkey.

73rd Annual Hunger GamesEdit

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