A group of teenagers wander into a arena that time forgot. Death soon follows.

No Hope
What do you have when you have No Hope?

Created by

Angry Birds12






Sirens blare, red lights flash, people run, papers fly. "They're coming!" A fellow gamemaker yells. I hear an explusion and sprint to my office. Gunshots echo down the hall, a female's scream fills the air. I rip open a drawer in my fileing cabinet and grab the folder that says, Never Used. I open the folder that contains only one piece of paper the has the arena's location and description written on it. I shove the folder and the paper into my shredder. Rebel soilders kick down the door to my office and handcuff me. Highfives are exchanged and they all laugh. Oh, they will laugh now, but will the rebel's laugh when a lost person or even a group perhaps, ventures into the arena?


Chapter 1: The Drive

Chapter 2: The Arrival

Characters: Warning, contains spoilers!Edit

Velma Ready

Age: 16

Info: Member of the group that went to the old arena. Best friends with Spring


Age: 12

Info: Best frieds with Velma. Innocent kid.


Age: 16

Info: Diva, popular girl at school. Has a "Guy Possie". Hates Mimli and Spring thinks she has anger management issues.


Age: 17

Info: Has Capitol ancestors and is very rich. Addie hates her and Mimli was the one that suggested the group go into the desert.

Miley Gold

Age: 17

Info: Twins with George. The one that first meet Mimli.

George Gold

Age: 17

Info: Miley's twin. Loves to drive.


Age: 16

Info: In a serious relationship with Syr. In love with him.


Age: 16

Info: In a serious relationship with Bliss. Velma says that the two make," A great couple".


Age: 17

Info: Part of Addie's "Guy Possie" seems to be a playboy as he harassed Mimli.


Age: 17

Info: Part of Addie's guy possie.

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