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Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Female
Height 6'0
Weapon Two Golden Daggers
Fate Deceased

Mistral was the District 1 tribute in the 56th Hunger Games. She belonged to the Career Pack leadered by Darrius. She was the Tribute who used two Golden daggers as her main weapons. The only thing she talked about was about boys and fashion. Evan Detress thought at first she was one of the citizents of the Capitol when he heard her. She was rated 10 by the Gamemakers.


Mistral was 17 years old, white teenager with mid-long blond hair and blue eyes. She had high height and was thin. She was categorized as a beautiful, charming but deadly girl by the Capitol. She was the tipical Cheerleader Cliche.


She was fake and arrogant. She showed everyone a smiling charming smile but he did not care for the other Tributes, nevertheless she entered in the Career Pack. She was trained her whole life to volunteer for the games. She demanded her mentor to dye her daggers golden just because they weren't pretty enough. She always told the other Female tributes that they were hideous, in the Tribute Parade and in the Interviews with Caesar Flickerman

56th Hunger GamesEdit

As every Tribute, she had to be in the Tribute Parade, although not mentioned in Chapter 1 because she wasn't seen by Evan.

Nevertheless, she was introduced in Chapter 2 when the Careers were doing a speech of the missing spots in their Pack, later she was seen training with her two Daggers.

In Chapter 3 She was having troubles with Amber, because she wasn't letting her in the Stage. Then afterwards, left the Training Center because she had finished her performance.

In Chapter 4 she had the interview with Caesar Flickerman, showing her dress and modeling. Then she answered a couple of questions regarding her outfit and the Games, including the Stylist profession possibility if she won.

In Chapter 5 she was only mentioned. She with Tamara rejected Duana for trying to be a Career.

In Chapter 6, she was in the Hovercraft with all 24 Tributes, heading to the Arena. When the Games Began, she headed directly into the Bloodbath. As she was battling, she saw that Mento had Evan Cornered and headed directly to attack Evan from the Back, but Pollux tackled Mento, leaving an Opening for Him to Escape. Then Mistral went to aid Mento in his fight with Pollux. Then she was seen killing Aldar stabbing him 7 times in his chest with her Golden Daggers.

In Chapter 7 Mistral camped with the other Careers in the Bonebracker's Cave. Then, she met her death when she was asleep, as she was eaten by the bear, then swallowed.

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