"Nothing like death to kill a love story"
— Michael Jeffster 
Michael Jeffster
Age 18
Occupation Career
Home District 1
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weapon Long Sword, Strengh
Fate Decaesed
Michael Jeffster was a career and Johnattan Firebreeze's arch enemy in the 7th Hunger Games. He was the leader of the careers and killed most people in the arena.


Michael is tall, well-built and strong-like. He is bold and his apparent strength is not even close to his real abilities.

7th Hunger GamesEdit

After killing at least 11 people with the careers at the Cornucopia Island, he discovered the Sand Island where Johnattan Firebreeze, Christopher James and Mel Windseal were. As they got there, they were only able to kill Chris, as the others runned to a near island.

Michael waited in the Cornucopia, and Johnattan got back to as the Storm began, Michael knocked him out and ripped out his hand, and threw his corpse in the water.

Michael discovered Johnattan was alive, and fixed base in the Beast Island, ordering Helena Cherry to modify the system so the island wouldn't sink. He killed all the beasts with his group, and re-named "Career Island".

Michael looked for them in the Illusion Island, only to kill some tributes around there, he found Mel Windseal, and kidnapped her, returning to Cornucopia and waiting for Johnattan.

As Johnattan arrived, Michael said he was waiting for him, and kicked out Mel Windseal in his legs and killed her with the sword. Michael left Johnattan in the island as the fourth storm arrived.

Johnattan didn't die, through, he and a girl named Jane started fighting in the Career Island, but as an arrow killed her, Johnattan would kill all three careers, only lefting Michael.

Michael was already damaged, and almost dead, but he jumped in Johnattan to kill him. The island started flooding and his body was smashed by the rocks left behind.


  • He scored a second place in the 7th Hunger Games, but wasn't honored in the Victory Tour.

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