"We Will never be caught."
— The Motto of the Messengers

The Messengers, also known as the Red Runners are an elite group of Couriers that exclusively serve District 2. Called one of the three great careers of District 2, the messengers force had been around since the time of the dark days but has fallen out of use in time of peace.

Clad in red in memorial of those lost in the dark days, Errol Sinclair and the entire Sinclair family are some of the most notable messengers in The Hunger Games, Fleeing Snake


Journey screen2

A messenger overlooking the ruins of old District 2.

During the times of the Dark Days moving supplies and information between two points was extremely difficult in District 2. In the hazard District 2 terrain Armored convoys would be blasted off the sides of mountains and hovercrafts would be shot down in seconds. The messengers were created to become untouchable machines of transportation. Back in the old days messengers were faster than most ships and able to move twice the supplies in half the time. Stories say that without the messengers District 2 would have never survived the war. However, after the war ended the messengers fell out of use and were reduced to a local mail delivery system, kept less for their usefulness but more for their memory.

During the aftermath of the war the messengers were often employed to go through the ruins of the old destroyed cities and recover supplies as well as recover dead bodies. During the rescue missions they would often come out covered in civilian blood staining the clothes dark red. This led them to adopt their dark red uniforms as a memorial to those who were lost in the dark days.


Journey companion

A pair of messengers.

The messenger were originally created to be extremely fast young men and women with extremely high agility who could dodged gun fire, and outrun hovercrafts and any other war machines with little effort. Even after their wartime use messengers are trained to be at the height of speed and agility. People of District 2 often regard them as floating red cloaks for their massive speed and agility, as they are frequently seen jumping over buildings or speeding down roads faster than cars.

Their new purpose seems to be delivering packages and passing messages on a secure line between two points all throughout District 2, so while their original purpose still seems to be intact their new jobs are just less intense. Messengers also tend to work in pairs to more effectively deliver their packages, which can sometimes measure in the hundreds daily. So it can be a very common sight to see two or three messengers flying through the city.

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