"Johnattan, I love yo-"
— Mel's last words.
Mel Windseal
Age 16
Occupation none
Home District 8
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weapon Pixcake, Dagger
Fate Deceased
Mel Windseal was the District 8's female tribute during the 7th Hunger Games. He fell in love with Johnattan Firebreeze during their alliance, but it wasn't reciprocal.


Mel had Hazel eyes, and brown long hair.

7th Hunger GamesEdit

In the games, Mel could get her classical Pixcake in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. She entered in a temporary alliance with Johnattan Firebreeze and Christopher James. She fell in love with Johnattan in the third day, but in the same night they run after the attack of the career tributes and the death of Christopher.

When running from the Careers, Johnattan and Mel visit an "island", they meet Killian and Elisabeth, that had a ship that they found in a cave at the area that doesn't flood. They find out that it's not an island, it's a huge whale, and discover they accidentally waked it up and Elisabeth is killed. Killian escaped in his ship, but the whale destroyed it.

The Whale was killed by Mel with Elisabeth's dagger. She kept it but found herself lost from Johnattan. By this time, Michael arrived and kidnapped her.

As Johnattan got to the Cornucopia, Michael just said he was waiting for him, and kicked out Mel in his legs, with a sword push, she died whispering "I love yo-" Johnathan only saw her fallen body going undersea.


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