Maysilee Donner
Maysilee Donner2
Age 17
Home District 12
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Weapon Blowgun with Poisonous Darts
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Second Quarter Quell
Hobbies Unknown
Tribute in 50th Annual Hunger Games

"The Hunger Games is a barbaric sport. Its suicide! The Capitol doesn't care if we live or die."
— Maysilee to Haymitch Abernathy

Maysilee Donner was Madge Undersee's aunt and a tribute. She placed 5th in her Games and allied with fellow District 12 tribute Haymitch Abernathy. She was the original owner of the mockingjay pin.


Early lifeEdit

Maysilee Donner

Maysilee hunts for food to support her family.

Maysilee Donner was born on March 12, 2533 in District 12. She was very close to her mother, father, and her younger siblings Daisy and Benny. While her parents were working, Maysilee increased her hunting and foraging skills where she made a blowgun to easily kill her prey. After killing an animal, Maysilee would pray to it after it dies.

Second Quarter QuellEdit


"You... have to... win! I know... you can! If you do... tell Riley... and my family... that I love them."
— Maysilee pleading Haymitch to win the Game

Maysilee dying from her attack by the candy-pink birds.

After parting ways with Haymitch, Maysilee was attacked by a large number of bright, candy-pink birds that used their sharp beaks to skewer her in the neck. Haymitch heard her screams and ran over where she was dying. When Haymitch held her hand, Maysilee pleaded for him to win the game

Film portrayalEdit

Maysilee Donner is portrayed by Stefania Barr.