"'Magyk is a dangerous element; it can kill; it can heal; it can do anything. If you lose control, Kasiandra, you will fail. Your wings will fail you; your magyks will fail you; everything will fail you."

~Lord Joun to Kassiandra

Note: this is AU (alternate universe)

Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but i wish i did

Disclaimer: everything that is not familiar BELONGS TO ME. you must ask permission if you can use the characters that will be introduced.


Kassiandra's wings spread out wide. Her golden wings were as fragile was butterfly wings. She grabbed her purse of potions and her ring, from her deceased father. Her deep purple eyes shimmered in the sunlight pouring in from the window. She put on a beautiful dress, golden in colour. Her black hair was put in elegant curls, ready for the day that would decide her fate. It was Reaping Day. A day all of Faerie kind fears, as their names are put int eh ball twice as many times as if they were a regular human. Kassiandra walked out her door and to the center of District 12. She signed in, and then she walked to the area for her age group. Once everyone came, Lolina Major, the District 12 escort, walked onto stage, followed by Mayor Holin, Ixie Jin and Jodin Hyle, the only two victors from District 12. Lolina walked over to the glass balls with our names in it, after we recited the National Anthem and Mayor Holin gave his speech. "Men first!" She said in a perky voice. She reached into the glass ball and picked a slip of paper. She then opened it and said "Ashter Inexnay." Kassiandra caught her breath, as Ashter was a little more than a friend to her. Once she got over her initial shock, Lolina had already reached into the glass ball with the girls' names. When Lolina unfolded the slip, she said what nobody expected her to say.... "Kassiandra"

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