Full Name: Lynx Stone

District: 1

Age: 17


Eye Colour: Red (contacts)

Weight: Heavy

Build: Athletic

Skin Tone: Pale


Mother: Elegance

Father: Serpinetine

Friends: Lots


Greatest Fear: Losing

Priorites: To win

Goals After THG: To mentor


Motivations: To mentor

Talents: Running

Skills: Spear

Bad at: Severing ties

In THGEdit

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Join the Careers and kill as many people as possible at the Cornipuca

Token: Pearl from his girlfriend

Reaping Suit: Plain t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms

Chariot Suit: Suit with jewels on it (tye, cufflinks)

Interview Suit: Glittering suit

Interview Angle: Fearless

Confidence in Winning: 10/10

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