Lupunlisa Brighter
District 11 Female
Age 14
Occupation Pear Tree Picker
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height 4'8
Weapon Blowdart
Fate Alive right now


In District 11 she was a pear picker. She sometimes climbed the pear trees and just relax, acting like she was pickimg pear's. Lupunlisa, having no sisters or brothers, thought of her cousins as her siblings. Now, only her cousin Berry is alive and is a victor. Lupunlisa was reaped for the Twemty-second Hunger Games.


She is very sweet and makes friends pretty easily She is a good listerner and know's how to follow rules (She only sometimes doesn't listen to rules.) She loves relaxing in trees and just laying down and reading.


She has dark skin and brown eyes. Her hair is ususually cornrolled or cornrolled in the front and curly in the back. Her stylist peirced her ears before the chariot ride.

Token: Edit

A flower necklace. (The one seen in the picture.)


Her eyes are good at aiming and she can climb trees very quick.


None yet


None yet

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