Liberty Friar
District 9 Female
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Female
Weapon None
Fate Deceased

Liberty Friar was the female tribute from District 9 in the 81st Hunger Games. She died early in the games and was unable to form an alliance with anyone.


She is the youngest of a family with five children, she being the only girl. She is not blessed with looks and usually gets her brothers hand me down clothes. She has got a daisy necklace as her token.

81st Hunger GamesEdit

Liberty placed 23rd out of the total 24 tributes in the games.


During the training, Liberty trained herself to use slingshots and practiced her aiming. Unfortunately, Liberty got one of the lowest training scores out of all of the tributes, receiving a 5 in her slingshot ability. '


During the Cornucopia Bloodbath, Matilda Mir spotted Liberty Friar trying to sneak away, and shot a dart from her blowgun at her head, and she fell to the ground.

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