"Keep warm, its going to be a cold night."
— Sandersonia

Lee Sandersonia or more commonly known as "Sandersonia," is a side character of The Hunger Games, Fleeing Snake. A native of the Capitol she served as the stylist of the District 2 tribute Cato Eucliffe. She had a hand in designing Errol Sinclair's snake motif and was the last person to say goodbye to Cato before he departed for the games.

It is thought that Cato and Sandersonia share a mother-son relationship. After Errol and Cato were placed into the games is it unknown what became of her.

  • Name- Lee Sandersonia
  • Age- 52
  • Occupation- Capitol Stylist
  • Home- The Capitol
  • Gender- Female
  • Height- 5,6
  • Weapon- None
  • Status- Alive

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