District 8 Male, presidents son
Age 15
Occupation Tribute,Presidents son
Home District 8(present), capitol(former)
Gender Male
Weapon Throwing Knifes
Fate Dead

keirain is the son of president snow. at the age of 8, him and his brother, siel, got into a fight with knives which resulted in keirains perminent victory(meaning he killed his brother). becaus of that, keirain was bannished to district 8 with his name in the drawing for the games 20 times, and it was added 20 more times every year. him and his brother have a psychic abiliity to switch minds with eachother only. most twins have psychic abilitys betwean them.


keirain has white hair witch he dyed red. his hair curls naturally and is long enough to hide his eyes, which it does.


when living in the capitol, keirain has always been a fan of the hungergames. nut he hated how un-graceful they were with there kills. keirain once stated that "if they kill with out style, with brute force, if they dont think about the preformance, it's not a fight its a murder. and murder is not entertainment. his brother siel on the other hand, enjoyd brute force and the compleat dismembermen of victems. their disagreament lead to siels "death". in the district, keirain takes an instant dislike to all peacekeepers, includeing the head peacekeeper rain. keirain also takes an instant likeing to rose autobee. unfortunately so does rain, causeing him and keirain to fight several times, resulting in the deaths of several peace keepers.

69th hunger gamesEdit

when rose was chosen as the female tribute in district 8 for the 69th hunger games, keirain volonteared tribute to protect her. at the start of the games keirain told rose to run into the forrest to wait for him. when she did, keirain charged straight for the center of the cornicopia, grabed all the knives, medical supplies, and food he could manage into one backpack, and killed 10 tributes that tryed to kill him.

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