Kassiandra without her wings

Kassiandra is a Faery, a mythical being with wings and a master of magic.
Kassiandra with her wings retracted into her back
Age 14
Occupation Master of Magyk
Home District 12
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weapon Magyk, potions, dagger
Fate Alive for now


Kassiandra has dark black hair, bright purple eyes, and tan skin. She is 5'3 and


weighs 109 pounds. After days in the Games, she weighs only 92 pounds and her eyes are a dull purple. She usually has a smile on her face, and her wings a sparkly gold. After a few days in the games, her wings are the dullest gold ever. Her ears are pointed like an elf's ears.


Kassiandra has a personality like her wings, which, of couse, would be bright. She always, well, usually has a smile on her face. She loves using her magyk, and she just LOOOOVES flying.

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