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Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weapon Daggers
Fate Deceased

Karen was a tribute from District 11 who participated in the 56th Hunger Games. She is to be considered the toughest of all the Evan's Pack. She became allies with Evan and Amber although at first she wanted to do the Hunger Games by herself, then evaluated than she would last longer in a pack that she could trust. She was considered to be a gothic and sarcastic person who always picked on someone, just for fun. She managed to smuggle some food from the capitol to the arena in her tribute suit, with the help of her stylist. She was rated a 9 by the Gamemakers.


Karen was a 16 years old girl with short black hair (with some green and blue) and had brown eyes. She was tall and very was thin. She was categorized as a very sarcastic and gothic girl by the Capitol. He loved to make bother other just for some laughs but in the end she was a good person.


She was a thief back home in the District 11, and when she was reaped, almost no one showed any sadness as she left, she loved getting attention by being the mean girl. She hated nature and loved dark places. She didn't have a Home in district 11, she lived in a cave, just like the arena, that's why she played great in the Games.

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