Jute Cross
Age 16
Occupation Dressmaker
Home District 8, Panem
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weapon Spear
Fate Living (crrently)
 Jute Cross is the female tribute from District 8 during the 34th Hunger Games.


Jute works in her mother's dress shop, which opens for a certain timeslot every year, and specializes in making clothes for the reaping. This year, however, the family was contacted by District 8's capitol representative, Selpha Dogood, and Jute's mother was to come to the capitol and assist as a stylist for their district representatives.

Jute worked in the back of the shop and sewed compeltely original clothes. At home, after patching her hands up from the many punctures and pricks she'd get from sewing, she'd settle down on her mattress and use logs of wax to draw designs on her walls.

When she was selected for the games, she stood on stage with her face covered by a white glove. This glove would become her token, and her mother would sew their family seal on the back of it for luck.


Jute has natural red hair and blue eyes. Hours of working under artificial light and peering down at thread has given her a very tired appearance, which was eradicated upon coming to the capitol. She's been fed just enough to be considered healthy, not overweight nor malnourished, but has very little physical strength.

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