"I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes."
— Joshua

Joshua Garnet is an antagonist of The Hunger Games, Fleeing Snake. Born in District 10 as an animal veterinarian, he participated in the special edition of the 74th annual Hunger Games. During the games he easily killed his district 10 partner by climbing through the trees and using doctor like precision to kill his opponents by slitting their throats or disconnecting their nerve endings. He encountered Errol Sinclair several times, seemingly saving his life from various tributes including Topaz Cheney.

Near the end of the games Errol was separated from his group and was confronted by Joshua who wanted to end their encounters. The two fought and Errol was able to inflict a fatal blow on Joshua. Before he died Joshua admitted that he saved Errol's life because he loved him and wanted to protect him for as long as he could.

  • Name- Joshua Garnet
  • Age- 16
  • Occupation- Tribute
  • Home- District 10
  • Gender- Male
  • Height- 5,9
  • Weapon- Scalpel
  • Status- Deceased

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