"It's like a system. It fails sometimes."
— Johnattan Firebreeze
Johnattan Firebreeze
Age 17 (84 during Mockinjay events)
Occupation Engineer Assistant
Home District 3
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Weapon Hammer, Technology, Metal Hand
Fate Alive
Johnattan Firebreeze borned in District 3 and build his life as an engineer assistant. He was tortured and lost one eye to save Hanna, the girl he loved, from the Peacekeepers. He is the victor for the 7th Hunger Games.


Johnattan is tall, blonde and has got one eye covered by an eyepath. His other eye is dark black.

7th Hunger GamesEdit

In the games, Johnattan could get his hammer in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. He entered in a temporary alliance with Mel Windseal and Christopher James. When Chris was killed by the career, he could survive and escape taking a career's sword.

Mel would follow him, but they split after an accidental problem with a huge beast whale.

He got back to the Cornucopia as the Storm began, but was knocked out by Michael Jeffster, the career leader. In the fight, Micheal would rip out his hand and throw him in the water.

Johnattan awake in one of the islands, as he saw his arm without his hand. He never discovered who saved him, but he left the island as only six tributes were in the arena, and four were careers.

As he got to the Cornucopia, Michael just said he was waiting for him, and kicked out Mel Windseal in his legs, Johnathan only saw her fallen body going undersea. Michael left Johnattan in the island as the storm arrived.

He got his destroyed hammer and created with the Cornucopia materials a hammer that would replace his left hand. He met a tribute called Jane Washel and they formed an alliance to defeat the Careers.

Johnattan was able to change the Flooding System to flood the Career's island, but it would take some time. He and Jane started fighting there, as an arrow killed her, he would kill all three careers, only lefting Michael.

Michael was already damaged, and almost dead, but he jumped in Johnattan to kill him. The island started flooding and the only survivor was Johnattan.


Johnattan was called for the third quarter quell as the other tributs, by this time, he was 84 years old, although the selected tribut was Betee and not him.

He joined the rebellion against Snow and celebrated the victory with his wife Hannah.

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