"Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can ignite a spark inside hearts of many. It will, it will bring down the government, the evil president, everything evil in the world. But it will also hurt others, many others, and will cost people their lives."

~Katniss to her daughter


The girl fixed her gloves so they were snug against her freezing hands; put her hat over her ears; her jacket zipped over her torso; her fur lined boots holding her feet so they were warm. She grabbed her bow and arrows, slung her quiver over her shoulder, and headed out the door. Snow lined the streets, everything covered in white. A rabbit sprinted in front of her, and she shot in the the eye. She picked it up and put it in her bag. She ran towards the forest, which was filled with winter animals. Rabbits, deer trying to get something to eat, bears coming out of hibernation early. She spent hours in the forest, finding animals for food. SHe gathered berries and nuts, and then she decided it was time to head home.

Now, dear reader, i know you are wondering who this girl is. Well, it's Persana of course, Persana Mellark. Daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark. And this is her story. Hope. It's all about her hope.

H is for HateEdit

"Percy! Time to go!" my mother called from the first floor of our house. I pulled on my boots and my jacket, pulled my hat over my ears.

"I'M READY," I ran down the stairs, into the snow filled street. My mother, father, and little brother were waiting for me, waiting for me to go to the train station to visit the Capitol, where my mother's friend, Gale, was president. We walked to the train station, and hopped onto the train, which was just about to pull out of the station. I sat down in a seat, and opened my bag. I grabbed a book and started reading. I read for about an hour and then drifted asleep...

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