1st Hunger Games - District 10 Female (Hayley)



Hayley was the female tribute from District 10 during the 1st Hunger Games.

Age 16
Occupation Rancher
Home District 10
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weapon Bow and Arrow
Fate Deceased

1st Hunger GamesEdit

Hayley's sister was reaped into the Hunger Games. However, Hayley decided to volunteer for her sister. During the games she formed a bond with Genesis and helped France make it through the games.

Cornucopia BloodbathEdit

When the gong sounded, she ran toward the cornucopia and grabbed a bow with arrows. She found a bag on the outer part of the cornucopia. When she spotted the District 3 Male running away with his partner, she shot him in the head. His partner screamed and cried for him until she saw that Hayley was aiming directly for her. Then she screamed and ran away with his bag.

Rest of Day 1Edit

Hayley found France nearby and they ran further into the woods. Then they set up a camp and built a fire.

Day 2Edit

Hayley spotted Genesis in the woods and tackled her. Genesis thought that she was going to kill her but she really wanted to make an alliance to pick off the careers (Genesis thought that she had lost her mind). She accepted the deal and they both went to Hayley's camp. After they reached camp, they were discussing the reaping and family and friends back home. She also killed both tributes from District 7 and their cannons woke Genesis up in the morning.

Day 3Edit

Genesis woke up and saw Hayley chopping wood with one of the hatchets that she recieved from the tributes from District 7. They both learned eachother's names and Genesis told her that she wanted to hunt for resources. She wasn't happy about the idea because she thought that Genesis would end up getting killed. Genesis gave her reasons on why she should go and she eventually accepted her pleading. Later she heard Genesis scream for help when she was attacked by the District 6 Female. She shot her in the neck and scolded Genesis, then they both went back to camp.

Day 4Edit

She was woken up by Genesis when she spotted three dogs sniffing around a few feet away from their camp. She quickly got up and shot all three of them in the head without missing, in which Genesis complimented her. Later that night, she was cuddling with France by the fire while he was eating berries. Then he asked her "What kind of game is this?" in which she responded "A sick one." Seconds later, both careers from District 2 snuck up behind both of them and Ema stabbed France in the back with Mason's sword. Hayley screamed and shot Mason in the head with an arrow and Genesis stabbed Ema multiple times in the cranium. Hayley cried all night after witnessing France's death.

Day 5Edit

The two girls chatted for a short while until a herd of dog muttations came storming toward the camp, with Hayley having no arrows at hand. The girls ran until the evening until they couldn't run anymore. Hayley asked Genesis to go ahead and to save herself. Genesis declined it but Hayley ran straight into the herd of wild dogs and got eaten along with Ariel who sacrificed her life for Finn. She placed 5th/6th out of 26 tributes. Her final thoughts to herself were "Take care of yourself, sister. I love you."

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