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Finn grew up in a better childhood than most, as her father worked for a rich company. But still, like everybody else, somedays she went hungry. When she was 10 she met Jeremy and showed him a strawberry patch she'd known about for years and came across when she was seven. Sometimes they'd sit on the banks of a river on the outskirts of town, which is the only place they're truly happy. She often traded her strawberries at the 'Goh'. 


Finn Lardar, aged 11

The 73rd Annual Hunger GamesEdit

Finn is twelve and has her name in four times. She is reaped and her partner is Mariea Fugin, a thirteen year old boy who's a nervous wreck. Her mind spinning, she attempts to push her escort off the stage. She is taken into custody and is visited by the butcher from the 'Goh', Tina Wilson, one of her friends, her parents and cousin Monique, who is seven, and Jeremy. She promises to win and is taken to the train.

Hatred For All of ThemEdit

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The Quarter QuellEdit

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Sacrifice - Part OneEdit

Finn is classified mentally unstable by the doctors in District 13 and they proceed to send her back to District 3 and let her take her chances instead of being in the middle of the war. She refuses and finds Jeremy in the District.  to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. They discuss their feelings about the war and Finn says she wishes the uprising never happened. Jeremy tells her it's for the best and Finn says she's not sure anymore.Jeremy tells her to calm down and she starts yelling at him. Then he cuts her off with a kiss. They embrace for a few moments before Finn pulls away. She says, "You shouldn't have done that," and walks off, leaving Jeremy distraught.


Finn Lardar age 15 - Sacrifices Part One

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  • The First Picture and The Last Picture are very symbollic.


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