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My Love


My Love



Main Characters:

Lizzy Brown,Sydney Prism,Leaf Root, Other people

Date Made


Based on:

My Love by Sia (Song)





Hey Guys!! This is my 2nd story this time it's gonna be like 8 chapters long I really hope you like it =)


The Story will surrond Lizzy Brown, As she enters The Hunger Games and learns about how love and how games can change and manipulate people 

Main CharactersEdit

Lizzy Brown: The Main Character who learns on how the games and love can change and manipulate people.

Sydney Prism: Lizzy's friend whom she befriends in the games

Leaf Root: Lizzy's Friend whom she befriends in the games

Velvet: The District 1 female who hates Lizzy and wants to kill her in the games,Since Lizzy killed her district partner

Ruth''''': Part of the career pack also wants to kill Lizzy

Jackson: District 2 male who followes Velvet's order


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