There were only three tributes left. Cato, Peeta, and Katniss. Peeta and Katniss were worried about Cato attacking them, following their little love story.

Cato, however, was hunting. He was sitting by a calm creek that fateful night when he heard a distant howl. Mutts, he thought. Drawing his sword, he was ready.

Back in the Capitol, things were acting up. Due to the creation of the mutts, some cameras were going on and off. The energy usage was low, so no one was too concerned when the cameras and microphones went off around Cato.

As the mutts approached Cato, he noticed their eyes. All of the dead tributes. He turned his head to see Clove's. His eyes slightly teared up, but shook it off instantly. But none of them attacked. He didn't attack them.

No need to be worried, Cato. Everyone will eventually die. He was confused, he swore he just heard Clove's voice come from the mutt. I hope someone wins the games.

"I hope it's me!" Cato yelled, echoing through the arena.

No one wins the Games, Cato. They continue on forever. You must learn that.

"Clove, this doesn't sound like you!" he shouted again.

Quiet! These Games are almost our only chance at rebellion. Someone must win. Someone must win to conquer the deaths of the innocent.

"Clove, what's going on?"

You'll find out soon enough, sweetheart. However, it might not be your chance to win anymore. I will see you soon, I believe, winner or not.

"Clove?" Silence rushed through the arena. Looking up, he saw a mockingjay call out a four-note tune that he recognized from somewhere. Looking up, a feather fell from the mockingbird and it gracefully landed in Cato's hand.

The mutts growled. And Cato let go of the feather, releasing it to the wind.

After the Games Edit

When the Capitol was cleaning up the arena for tourism, the feather caught the wind and flew higher and higher into the sky. It flew far, far, far away. Cinna was sitting at his desk next to a huge window, trying to come up with Katniss's quarter quell dress. The feather hit the window, and Cinna had a brand new idea.

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