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Introduced & Produced: 2091-Present
Manufacturer: District America
Ammunition Type: Plasma Bolt
Feed System: Rechargeable Solar Battery
Type: Assault Rifle
custom(?): No

The FM-10,000 (A.K.A "Frost Model 10,000") is an energy assault rifle developed and manufactured only in District America. The first prototype was designed and developed by Xander Frost in the year 2091, 3 years after he and his wife Jessica Mikaelson were in the 86th and 87th Annual Hunger Games.


The weapon was designed when it came to Frost's attention that all of the present day technology was polluting the atmosphere of Earth, so he started to develope a new weapon the used a new ammunition and a new reloading system. He created this weapon with very little time and effort.


The FM-10,000 is a rechargeable weapon that only relies on the energies in the sun. It needs no bullets or any kind of metallic projectile as ammunition. The weapon collects energy from the sun's rays via solar panels on the stock and it converts that said energy into electricity, either stored in the battery or transferred into the weapon's plasma converter. Half of the electrical output is placed in plasma converter to create it's ammunition, which is later transferred to the chamber. Once the ammo is in the chamber and the trigger is pulled, electricity is usually what propels the plasma through the barrel. The weapon can also be selected to fire a beam of plasma which can cause some serious damage. The beam is usually emitted when electricity is constantly being pumped into the weapon's plasma converter and that allows the weapon to fire constantly. The only problems to the beam is that it can either short out the plasma converter or cause the weapon to overheat. Thankfully the overheating drawback was later fixed because the handguard was designed to cool the weapon down or to be cool down by water.


The FM-10,000 is usually legal to people who have a license with at least a level 4 or higher for civilian use. The military is usually trained and issued with this as well as the Colt Hunter. Peacekeepers and other Districts are strictly prohibited to possess these weapons and if found, Femborgs have the power to seize the weapons and charge the ones who possess them in a fair trial.

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