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Main Characters

Syminara Lombardi, Josh Hawkins

Everywhere is a fanon story by Hollyshiftwell1. It focuses on the 72nd Hunger Games tributes, Syminara Lombardi and Josh Hawkins.


I never thought that this day would come... Syminara Lombardi never thought the day would come that she would be picked for The Hunger Games. She always thought she would just go on running her family's sweet shop in District 6, keep helping Tristan with his math homework, keep reading books to her little sister, Lucy, and keep loving her secret crush, Aspen Niger. She never thought she would be chosen for The Hunger Games... until the day she was chosen. Now she must go through the grueling training, The Games themseleves, and saying good-bye...

Main CharactersEdit

Syminara Lombardi

Josh Hawkins

Jessie Jenkins

Start reading Everywhere today!Edit

Everywhere: Chapter 1...Just Another Day

Everywhere: Chapter 2...Ready For the Reaping

Everywhere: Chapter 3...Saying Good-Bye

Everywhere: Chapter 4...To the Capital

Everywhere: Chapter 5...Prepping

Everywhere: Chapter 6...Tributes and Tiaras

Everywhere: Chapter 7...Training

Everywhere: Chapter 8...Cat Fight

Everywhere: Chapter 9...Surprises and Lies

Everywhere: Chapter 10...Silence is Golden

Everywhere: Chapter 11...Into the Games

Everywhere: Chapter 12...Allies

Everywhere: Chapter 13...Betrayal

Everywhere: Chapter 14...Slave

Everywhere: Chapter 15...Newfound Friends

Everywhere: Chapter 16...Reunion

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