"I'm sorry dad, I don't think I'll be coming home."
— Errol's last day in District 2

Errol Sinclair, Also known as The Boy of Snakes, is the main protagonist of, The Hunger Games, Fleeing Snake Born in District 2 and a Messenger by profession, he is selected to compete in a special edition of the 74th annual Hunger Games, along with the other tribute from District 2, Cato Eucliff.

  • Name- Errol David Sinclair
  • Age- 17
  • Occupation- Messenger, Tribute
  • Home- District 2
  • Gender- Male
  • Height- 5,11
  • Weapon- Knife, Snake Muttation
  • Status- Alvie


Errol is a tall young man with fair skin and short black hair. Before the Hunger Games he was known for his long back hair and generally thin and lanky frame. After intense training in the Capitol he developed a great deal of muscle mass and more distinctive masculine features. His hair was cut on the train ride to the capitol by Cato, who believe Errol looked too feminine and his long hair would make him look weak.

Errol gets a great deal of his appearance from his father, including his fair skin and tall build, but gets his dark hair and unique eyes from his mother, which are dark green with flecks of blue around them.


Throughout his life Errol has shown to be almost inhumanly kindhearted, patient and understanding. He endured great deal of opposition and repression from the citizens of District 2, who held his compassionate heart in contempt, with a smile and warmth, and he is kind and empathetic to all those around him. However Errol has shown that he can make heavy-hearted decisions bordering on ruthlessness, evidenced when he was forced to take a life in the Games. Despite this, Errol's greatest weakness seems to be his kind heart, unable to be as cold and calculating as he may need to be.

However his partner Cato seems to think highly of Errol's kind nature, saying that his gentleness is what the world needs to finally be free of itself. The two hold each other in extremely high regard having been friends in childhood, and Cato having protected Errol from bullies when he could.


Early lifeEdit

"My mother had died when I was very young, and honestly I don't really remember much about her"
— Errol about is mother

Errol David Sinclair was born March 1st to Ewan and Erica Sinclair, making him their first and only child. Ewan was a famous messenger known for being the latest in the Sinclair line of messengers and Erica was the Joint Commander of the Peacekeepers for District 2. Its is also known that the Sinclair's and the Eucliff's were old family friends, and that Cato's father and Erica joined the peacekeepers together.

However their family was short lived when Erica died after what was later described as, "A training experiment gone horribly wrong," but Ewan, along with several family friends always had their suppositions. After Erica's death Ewan was forced to bury himself in two to support Errol, who was still just a baby.

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