Emery Watson
"You're honestly sure you want me as an ally. You're not afraid I can kill you? You have some guts."
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 11
Gender Female
Weapon Knife, Bow and Arrows
Fate Alive

Emery Watson is a tribute in the 60th Hunger Games.


Emery Watson was born on March 15, the oldest of sixteen children. She was named after one of her ancestors, Emery Scott. She looks nothing like anyone else in District 11, because of her light complexion, silver-grey eyes, and orangish-auburn hair. As a child, she used to sneak to the meadow every day to pick herbs and dandelions for food for her younger siblings and hunt the occasional deer or rabbit.

When she was 13, her twelve-year-old sister Nathalia was picked as the tribute for the Hunger Games. Nathalia ended up going into the Top 8, but the person who made it out alive was her district partner, Eden Scarlett. This made Emery hold a grudge against Eden, since she knew he could've saved her. This also made Emery hold a grudge against the Capitol.

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