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Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weapon Didn't have Weapons
Fate Deceased

Duana was a tribute from District 5 who participated in the 56th Hunger Games. She pretended like she didn't care she was reaped, but Evan saw her crying a couple of times. She wanted to enter the Careers, but Tamara didn't let her join them, indeed she threatened to stay away from them in the games otherwise, She would kill her. She was considered to be a naive and innocent person who always depended on someone else, just because she couldn't care for herself. She was rated a 5 by the Gamemakers.


Karen was a 15 years old with mid-long brown hair and had brown eyes. She had average height and very was thin. She was categorized as a very innocent and naive girl by the Capitol. She loved to hiding and was great at it, but hiding won't make her win the Games


She didn't know nothing of life, as she depended on her brothers back home in District 5. She was very innocent and didn't know nothing about weapons and the killing stuff. She was sentimental, and cried in secret each night, for being reaped, as Evan said.

Events in the GamesEdit

Duana, as all 24 tributes, had to participate in the Tribute Parade, although she was not seen by Evan. Then she had to attend to the Training Center, but she wasn't in Evan's line of sight either. The first appearance of Duana was on the Day of the Personal Assesments, as she was seating beside Evan and engaged into a conversation. They talked about the Careers and Evan asked her if she wanted to join his pack, petition which she declined, as she got other plans. Then as all tributes did, she went to her Individual Assesment, before Ardal and After the Leo and the Tributes from District 4.

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