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"Heres to the District of Opportunity"- Xander Frost

District America is the name of one of the biggest disctrict that was given to Xander Frost and Jessica Mikaelson after their triumph in the 87th Annual Hunger Games. It is known to be a district of freedom and liberation for many of the poor, as well as a district of opportunity. Because of their experience in the Hunger Games, Xander and Jessica has outlawed the uses of the Hunger Games in their district, however if a person wishes to enter, it is their choice.


Like the former United States, this district has it's own government and everyone is equal in their eyes. Their government also promotes people to advance their society. Anyone who can advance their society will be known to be honored.


Like the American culture before it, this culture is no different, however many are known to utilize firearms in case of any attack made against them by The Capital. They are also known to be the world's largest gold mining district, however The Capital cannot be allowed access to it without approval first. Crystals are also found in large deposits as well, which can power all their weapons and defensive technology.


The technology of District America is known to be highly advanced, with the uses of energy weapons, new anti-aging drugs and even the uses of cryogenic space travel. They also possess the uses of machines that have artificial intelligence, even some weapons from the 20th century that can fire bolts of energy.


The military is known to be a ruthless strike force that will protect fellow Americans and destroy the enemy whenever they are ordered. They also protect the borders of their district. Peacekeepers who are not permitted into the walls of the district are known to be shot on sight, anyone who assists in the takedown of unauthorized Peacekeepers are known to be rewarded well.


The currency of the district is known to be in gold because of their large gold supply, cash is another thing but cash is very rare and there are also the uses of silver as well.

Courtship & MarriageEdit

Like the original America, the dating and marriage concept is unchanged and anyone can be married within either a pasteur of the faith or in a church.

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