Delly Cartwright
Delly Cartwright
Age 17
Occupation Family business: Shoe shop
Home District 12
Gender Female
Fate Alive
Appearances Mockingjay
Portrayed by Madeline Carroll

Delly Cartwright is a teenage girl from District 12 who grew up being friends with Peeta Mellark. She is described as being extremely friendly and smiles at everyone. She was also the niece of Paloma Cartwright, Haymitch's girlfriend who was executed by the Capitol.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Delly, but what is known is that she is very nice and has been a friend of Peeta ever since they were little children. She used to tell people that he was her brother. Delly was also in the same class as Katniss and Peeta, and was said to admire Katniss. Katniss mentions that Delly wasn't really fat, but she did have some spare weight as a child.


Delly and her little brother survived the Bombing of District 12, but their parents died in the bombing. Later she and 7,935 people of District 12 made it to District 13. She was the first person to see Peeta after he was rescued and was one of the only people who could calm him down. She tried to convince him of all the good things Katniss did. Delly visits Peeta and tries to get his memory back. Peeta is happy to see her and asks her where he is and why his family has not come to see him. Delly becomes sad and tears up when she tells him that District 12 was burned down and that his family is dead. Peeta is enraged and shouts that it is Katniss's fault and that she is a mutt. One time at lunch Peeta was allowed to eat with everyone and he was rude to Katniss and said he might try to steal Annie away from Finnick, not caring that Katniss was there. After Katniss and Gale left, Delly was very angry at Peeta and yelled at him for treating Katniss so badly.

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