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Daniel HawthorneEdit

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Daniel Hawthorne.

Daniel is the cousin on Gale Hawthorne. 

Story of DanielEdit

He is a good friend to Clarissa Everdeen and Kenneth Mellark. And later on in life he gets married to Selena Mellark which is Clarissa and Ken's daughter. He is on District 12 alongside with his cousin. Born on January 14th 3010, he is ten years younger than his cousin.

Physical Description Edit

He is always described as a kind hearted man. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin and stands at 5'6 tall, and a muscular body. He was the handsome person in their family and he was also part native american-indian.


Daniel's personality is always described as stubborn, greedy and unkind. But he'll always care for the people he loves or likes a lot. As later on when he gets married to Selena, he changes his behaviours to more friendly and nicer to others.



Physical description of Daniel.


Daniel and Selena.

 *The hunger games fanon.

Clarissa, Selena, Ken and Daniel.

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