Name: Cornelius Redmond

Nickname: Corney

District: 12

Age: 13


Eye colour: Grey

Weight: Light and skinny

Height: Small

Build: Weak

Hair: Black


Colour: Black

Clothes: Mining shirt

Motto/Saying: "I am really going to die in here"

Family, Relationships And HistoryEdit

Mother: Fenderla

Father: Guntar (deceased)

Siblings: None

Popular/Outgoing: Unpopular

Friends: None


Greatest Fear: Spiders

Priorites: Is mother

Goals After Hunger Games: To keep his mother alive


Motivations: His mother

Talents: Lighting fires

Skilled At: Sports

Unskilled At: Wielding weapons

Darkest Secret: His mother's sickness

In The Hunger GamesEdit

Allies: Trianna Wendelin

Perferred Weapon(s): Blazing stick

Strategy: To run from the Cornucopis and find water

Token: Mother's charm bracelet

Reaping Suit: Fathers wedding suit

Chariot Suit: A suit of pickaxes

Interview Suit: Grey suit with a black flower in it

Interview Angle: Quiet

Confidence In Winning: 6/10

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