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Colt Hunter
Colt Hunter
Introduced & Produced: 2087-Present
Manufacturer: Colt Arms
Ammunition Type: 1,000,000 Volt Energy Bolt
Feed System: 30 Round Magazine
Type: Energy Assault Rifle
custom(?): No

The Colt Hunter is a standard issued Assault Rifle issued to the Sentinels of District America. It is a very powerful select-fire weapon capable of firing a new energy magazine that runs on nothing more than a gem and electricity.


The weapon works like the Colt M-16 and is used the same way, however there are some differences. The weapon's energy bolt is the color of the crystal or gem being used and it is charged by 1,000,000 volts of electrical energy. The weapon also possesses a suppressor built inside the weapon and that can be switched thanks to a button that can be pressed only once to activate and deactivate the suppressor. The weapon also possesses a stun setting that is built into the select fire toggle switch. The Colt Hunter also possesses a tracking device that allows the people to monitor the weapon's whereabouts so people don't leave the district with the weapon.

Civilian & Military UsageEdit

In District America, both military and civilians are allowed to carry the weapon in broad daylight, but if the weapon is carried out of the district without any authorization or reason, the weapon can be repossessed by the government and the carrier can face a 5 year sentence in cryostasis. The reason why the weapon is not allowed out of the District is because the people of Panem are known to be interested in the technology of this particular district and would do anything it can to get their hands on it.

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