Climb Girls, Climb!Edit

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"You forgot one thing...I told you I wanted to die."

She Taught me to ClimbEdit

"Lupun, it's okay. I won't die, I promise!"

"I bet every tribute is telling their family that. I want you to swear!"

"Alright, I swear on the old pear tree that I'll live alright cousin."


*Lupunlisa's POV

She did come back, Berry did come back. My cousin. That was 4 years ago. Every year since her siblings were put in the games. She says the reaping system is rigged. I agree. Why it's rigged you ask? Well Berry thinks it's because of something she said in the arena. Both of her ally's got killed by career's while they were all fighting them off. Only she survived. She yelled "Why! Why must we have the games! What did she do to deserve this. What did he do to deserve this! What did we all do to deserve this!" I think the Capitol wasn't happy about that. Would make since though. They did delete the scene. Each one of her three siblings died. Melinda, her younger sibling of 12, died at the Bloodbath. I saw it coming though. Ashley, her older sister, died in 4th place trying to kill a kid from ten. Daken, her older brother, died in the finale battle. Her hope's were better each time. They were then crushed. She only has one more relative of Reaping age. The girl talking to you right now. Me! Lupunlisa. Berry told me to get ready for anything. I told her that there is no way that they would do so much to you for one sentence.

"Lupunlisa Brighten!" says the escort, Melanie Diesix.

Take that back. I walk up to the stage slowly , trying to hold in the tears. Even though I tried, one tear fell down. Hope no one saw it though. When I get to the stage I stand still trying to block out everything the escort said. Berry was right; I'm going to the Games. I'm going to die...

Named for ClimbingEdit

  • Cletta Pine's POV

I am Cletta. Cletta Pine. I am from District 7 and, while your at it, I've just been reaped. The escort, Benna Poe, just said my name off of that devilish card she's holding. I walk up to the stage thinking about what I am good at, what skills do I have that'd be useful is the Games. I'm good with an axe. Like any other person in this district. I think. I'm also good at running and Climbing. Well I've been always good at climbing. My whole family is good at it! That's why I was named Cletta. Cl comes from climb an etta comes from, well, I don't know it's just a female name ending. At the stage Benna calls the male tribute.

"Mike Josh!"

He comes up quickly we a very happy face. He looks like a complete cheater. That's what I call the career tributes. What's wrong with this boy? He's about to die! Why is he so happy like he's a freaking cheater! That arrogant little boy, well not little, he should be at least a year older then me or maybe my age comes. He then yells "YEAH!". The people in the crowd didn't know what to do so they made a small "Yeah.". Benna smiled. "Such happiness! That's new!". I don't listen to anything else. I have heard enough for today, I'm just thinking of my family, friends, life. No more. Why me?

Tears of FamilyEdit

  • Lupunlisa's POV

In the Justice Building I was alone. My Mom is about to have a baby and my Father has to stay with her. Then someone comes in. My Grandmother! I give her a hug and we both start crying for a while. "Why, why did it have to be you?" she says. "I don't know." I lie. I do know, but I won't tell her. "Your parents wanted me to give you this." she says holding up a flower necklace. "A token.". She puts it on me. This is the same one they gave Berry for a token! They didn't give it to my cousins though. "I guess it is special. A winner did wear it. Sadly we couldn't find it during your cousins games but we fount it now.". I loved how it looked on me. I gave her another hug. Then the peacekeepers came in. "Time for you to leave." they said. She hugs me one more time and gives me a letter. "Read it when you get to see Berry. Alright?" she says. "Alright." I reply. She then leaves. I'm all alone now.

In the train Berry is there and she gives me a hug. "Oh I am so sorry!" she cries. "Don't be." I reply. "Grandma told me to read this when I'm around you.". I give her the letter. "Okay." We both sit down and read it.

Dear Lupunlisa and Berry,

Please win darling, we love you so much. We want you to win for us, for District 11, for your new baby sister to come. You can do it! You are very strong! Please win for us all. Berry, take care of her! Make sure to try your hardest to make her win! This girl's your younger cousin! You have to try! Do as much as you can! Please! Lupun, Berry, we love you both. Win...


'Adhara and Lynn Brighter

We both felt like crying. "I will." said Berry. "What?" I asked. "I will make you win! I will do what I have to. I will! I will!" she cried. Her voice almost cracking and tears coming down her eyes. "If I couldn't make my siblings win, I will make you win. I promise!"

I Hope He Goes, Bloodbath Style!Edit

  • Cletta's POV*

That arrogant boy is getting us both mad, my mentor Chesnutt and me that is. Mike is very arrogant and is just asking about how it felt to win. Every time Chesnutt said "Somewhere in my heart I felt bad. For everyone who died, for everyone I killed." He didn't care at all! He just said "Come on, it couldn't been that horrible! Riches! Fame! SURVIVING!" What an arrogant boy. "What? Your going to be in the Career group or something?" asks Chesnutt. "Duh! They always win and with my axe moves I'll win them over. Then I get extra food, extra protection. Easy ally's! EVERYTHING!" Mike exclaims. "Okay wise guy, when you get killed by them in your sleep you won't be happy." Chesnutt snaps.

"Oh come on." says Benna. "He is so happy about the games, not like Miss.Cletta over there." she says. I get mad. "Well she has more promise then that guy. He is not even that smart. The only thing on his mind his winning. What I think is on her mind is a strategy." Chesnutt says. Pretty much. Besides thinking about them I've been thinking about a plan. How to win using my ax skills and thinking that during training I need to learn about herbs and edible insects. Benna rolls her eyes. That idiot. All Capitol people are idiots... all of them are mean, ugly, idiots... I hate them all. I also hate Mike. He must have been the richest person in Seven and thought that being rich makes him have more chances to win. What a idiot. I hope he dies in the bloodbath. Blood all around him. The axe he wanted on his head a killed by a career. Haha...the irony.

Just Accepting ItEdit

  • Lupunlisa’s POV

Berry gave me a plate of food and then started eating herself telling me to sit next to the boy. The boy from my district. Small but tall. He seems older then me, he also seems weaker. I really don’t want to be in an alliance with him. Mainly because of his weak looks. It doesn’t seem like he’d be a very good alliance choice and if I did get in an alliance with him I’d possibly kill him. It seems like it’d be easy. Even though it would be good to have a friend before the games. I sit next to him and smile. “Hello.” I cheerfully say hoping to get his attention. “Uhh…hi.” he says shyly. “What you doing?” I asks. “Watching the reaping. They are doing 12 right now. A girl name Star was reaped. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.” he says. Right at that moment Berry stopped eating. “Haven’t seen that many blonde’s in the games.”. Berry comes up to the television screen. “She looks…so much…like Luna.” she sighs. Luna, I remember her! That was the girl Berry was allied with during Her games. Berry then shook her head and sat back down. Then there was the rewind of the last games of the screen. Daken’s game. It showed Daken and some kid from 2 were fighting. Daken was rough. Trying his best with the axe he had. But he didn’t see what was coming, a stick. A stick big enough to trip on. I remember screaming “Look out!” but he didn’t. He tripped, fell and the two kid sliced his neck off with the sword. So gory, so saddening. What if someone sliced my neck off with a sword! I’ll just have to accept the fact that I’m going to die. As much as I don’t want to I will.


  • Cletta Pine POV

We are here… In the stupid capitol. Full of multi-colored idiots with to much makeup. District One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six’s kids are here and Eight should be coming. I’m so tired. I didn’t have any time to sleep even when Chesnutt tells me. I just can’t. It’s to much on my mind. Death. I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that even with training and my axe skills I still might die. This is the end for me.

This is the end…

Her name is Britney, or Brit to the preps.Edit

  • Lupunlisa's POV

Sitting there while letting the Prepping people do there Prepping stuff. Two ladies, one male. One of them, wearing a silver dress has purple hair and grey eyes. One, with light blonde hair, had metal stuck on her skin. The male one had green hair and his eye had a lightning tattoo on it. Then I am left alone, they are gone and I am very happy about that. They are very quiet, not like the other Preps. They only talked when needed to talk to each other. The preps said to me that my stylist is a girl named Brit.

When I met her she looked pretty happy to meet me. A smile on her face, all excited. She had dark brown skin, pink hair, and a see through yellow dress. Pretty disgusting looking but her face had nothing bad on it. “Hi! I’m Britney! I’m so ready to make you look so beautiful! You look so good! You’ll be perfect! Your hair might need a little change and Oh My God your ears! They are not pierced! Why can’t you District people get them pierced?! Why! We’ll have to do this.” she squeals very quickly. Every word she says is run together. So quick. I really don’t want to feel how this “ear piercing” feels like. It already seems horrible. “We don’t have time for fashion back home in District 11.” I answer her. “Come on sweetie! Fashion time is all the time!” she exclaims. I giggle at her stupidity. “We work all the time. We don’t have time. We’re busy picking fruits and other food for you Capitol people while barely having any are self. We are busy hoping we don’t get picked for the games. We are busy trying to survive while you guys have yours ears pierced.” I say madly. For a few seconds Britney just looks at my face. She then forgets all that I said and starts talking about what she wants me to wear on the chariot.

“Okay we are going to make you wear a dress with apple and pear patterns on it. Same for the boy but the boy will wear a jumpsuit.” she said. “We will also put leaves and grass on the dress. You will also have a headband of yellow and shoes of yellow with a small pear on it!” Britney exclaims. “Alright.” I say. I’m not alright. I feel unheard. I hate her, but I’ll never tell her.

We are riding closer and closer to death...Edit

  • Cletta's POV

“I look good right?” I ask my stylist, Estrella. “Fabulous!” she replies. Why do I care so much about how I look? Well, because the Capitol likes you the better you look. I know I’m not the best looking girl but if I just look good enough, I can look great. A dress of a tree with a headband of branches. Not so horrible…but horrible enough. We are always trees.

  • Lupunlisa's POV

I gotta look proud. We both have to look proud. Me and the boy who’s name is Tyrone Fields. What a cute little name. “Good luck you two. Make them love you!” Britney says as we go. Time for the chariot ride.

  • Cletta POV

Just represent with a smile and some waves, make them love me. Make them hope I win. Show them that I can do this like any kid from two. Make them hope I win and look even happier then Mike. Look happy. The crowd doesn’t really like me so much but I hear my name screamed a bit. “Cletta, Cletta, Cletta!” I just wave faster. Smile in jump a little. Just look happy, even though I just want to get out of here or scream “You evil killers!”, but I can’t.

  • Lupunlisa POV

When I come out I hear people saying my name. They like me! That’s great! I wave and smile and look cute. Theese guys just love me. I bet they don’t care if I die though. Life, Death. No! Don’t care about it! I need to get sponsors and this is my only way!

I just want to survive

At the end, we are at the Training Center entrance. We are now even closer to death.

So...this is Training or Itimadating?Edit

  • Cletta's POV

Training time. What a beautiful time. Even closer to the games and while we are at it it's a time to gain enemy's. Well, allies too, but there is no way I'm going to get an ally. Hmm... well if I got the chance I'd take it in a second. Then I looked into some of the people here. Try to see what they are doing. District 2's girl is using a bow and arrow, District 4's girl is using throwing knives, District 10's boy and girl are sharing the whip. I can hear them chatting. "No Betsy, harder, harder! You can't hurt a person that lightly." he orders. " I have a question Brian." she asks him. "What?". "Why are you helping me anyway? I never knew you before this and I‘m pretty hard to teach.” her voice is so cute and young like. “Because, we are both from the same district. We both have to strive hard to win Betsy. It’s either one or the other and one might not even survive, but maybe the other can. Anyway the Capitol loves sweet faces.” he smirks at her and she blushes. What a kind kid. “They’re not sweet faced.” giggled the girl and they both giggle and get straight back to there training.

District 2 and District 1’s girls were training together now , pushing to get a knife from the District 4 girl. “Sylvy, I can do it!” District 2 yells. “Yes you can, but you have to aim to the center to make me believe that.” The so called ‘Silvy’ says. “I want to see you do it then!” 2 yells. “Alright.” Silvy says as she hit’s the target a few times. “See Aemilla.” Silvy says. “Dang…I mean, that was cool, but I can do better.” Aemilla says. “Show me.” Silvy says. I then leave, I don’t want to see my chances of beating her yet… she just so intimidating, and she hasn’t even looked at me before!

Well I’ll have to get going for what I’m trying to train on, edible plants and insects. I get over there and start training. So many different insects you can eat, and all of them look so disgusting. Yuck. Cockroaches? Roasted on a fire? YUCK! I’d never eat that unless I am terribly hungry. A kid from District 8 and District 9 are here too, saying the same things.

  • Lupunlisa POV

Herbs, herbs, herbs, I run to the herbs. Well the edible plants and insects area that is. District 8 and 9’s tributes are training there and one more person. Curly brown hair, I remember her! District 7’s kid! The one with that weird tree outfit. I walk up to her looking at each of the ugly bugs and saying “Yuck” at them all. Idiot. Might as well help her. “I usually get a leaf and put a lemon ant on it. Taste just like lemon ya know?” I tell her. “I thought it wasn’t tree. Thanks…uh. Oh! District 11!” she exclaims. “Yeah, yeah, see you around!” I leave. She is an idiot. Kind one though. Now to see what else is happening here. Might go check out some other stuff.

"Well I am good with knives." the District 4 girl says to the girls in 2 and 1. "That makes the two of us." says the girl from 2. The girl from 1 hits her a bit with her elbow. "I mean three." she says with a giggle. "The only thing is, can you guys add my friend Richard to your career team?" the District 4 girl asked. "Wait, the tiny, 12 year old kid!" 2 yelled. "He's good at hunting, fishing, snaring, anything else that includes killing animals too. He'd help if the food supply's low. He's also a good cook. With just a few things he'd make a fine Capitol-Like dinner." she asked. "Alright. Let the kid in." District 2 girl said. "Great!" District 4 exclaimed.

  • Cletta’s POV

Hanging from my legs on the climbing course is so much fun. Try to make fun from a bad situation is pretty cool. Then she comes again. District 11’s girl. She’s kind but a bit of a rush type of girl. Does she want to get in the games quicker or something. Maybe she wants to just die now and get it over with. Maybe she wants to start killing. Whatever. She comes on the climbing course and is hanging like me from her hands. “Hey District 7.” she says. “Hey.” I reply. “So how things going?” she asks. “Down.” I say. She giggles and get’s down, landing on her feet perfectly. I do the same with a flip.

“I’m Cletta, Cletta Pine. Named for me and my family’s climbing skills.”

“Yeah, yeah.” she giggles. “Lupunlisa Brighter.”

“Brighter. Are you Berry Brighter’s sister or something?” I asks.

“Close, cousin.”

“Dang, they are just killing off every kid in the Brighter family, huh?”

“Well I guess so.” she sighs. “You can call me Lupun if you want.”

“Well Lupun, do you want to be allies in the games?”

“I’ll sleep on it Pine.” she giggles as she leaves.

I hate it when people call me by my last name, but she was so kind about it. If I don't win, I hope she does. Wait, don't think of losing! Think of winning! I just hope she does become my ally. She is so good at herbs that, with my axe skills, we can really do good at the games.

Kill 'em.Edit

  • Lupunlisa's POV

"So, this is the private session?" I say to Tyrone, trying to strike up a conversation. "Yeah.Long wait huh?" he laughs. We both do. "So, what are you going to do?" I ask. "Oh, I don't know. My skills in...uh... I don't have any skills." he says. "Can ya climb?" I ask. He shakes his hid. "Woah, well, just try something. You won't know how good your at in something 'till you try." I say. He's dead. Bloodbath more likely. Poor boy.

  • Cletta's POV

I grab and axe, the gamemakers are going to see my skills now and I'm not going to get a low score in this! My hand grabs two axes. One hits the 7th ring and one hits the 9th. I grab the axes again and do it over and over. None hit lower then 5. Well one hit 4 but whatever. Then I hit the bullseye. They said I could leave after that and I do so.

  • Lupunlisa's POV

I grab the blow dart pack and the blow gun and start shooting each blow dart at each bullseye while walking. 7/10 of them hit the rings. Mostly 4, 5, 6, and 7 though. I then do some flips trying to show some more skill intill I get to an area which seems good to try climbing on, and I do so. I climb very high up and jump back down perfectly. I felt perfect too. I hope my score is perfect.

  • Cletta's POV

The T.V. screen showed each score. The kid's from one both got 10's. Two's too. Hehe. Three-Five get around seven's and six's. Except the girl from four who get's a nine. Both from six get two's. Then it is are time. Me and Mike. Crossing my fingers that I get a good score and he gets a one. Then it comes up. I get a...NINE! Hooray! He get's a eight. Whatever. Lower then me. Eight's girl get's a seven and the boy get's a eight. Both from nine get one's. Both from ten get eights. I can't help but feel happy for them. They must be celebrating right now. Then come's eleven. The girl, Lupunlisa, get's a awesome 10! Great for her! The boy was not so lucky though with a little two. I guess he might go the way of the bloodbath. No chance at all. Twelve's girl get's a eight and the boy a one. What a night. Toomorow is the interview. Gotta think on what to say now...

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