Cletta Pine
[[File:Brunette girl|200px|center]]
District 7
Age 14
Occupation Lumberjack
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height 4'8
Weapon An axe and one knife
Fate Alive for now


In District 7 she had lived alone with her mother. Her dad is in jail for stealing. Her mother has never had another child and can't have another unless she adopts. Mother works hard as a lumberjack and Cletta does too. Even with all that work she still doesn't have that many mucles so she doesn't seem like a threat, but she knows she is and won't hide her skills. She is a quick climber and is a strong hitter. She was reaped for the 22nd Hunger Games.


A no-nonsence type of person. She hates stupidity ( though might act like an idiot herself at times) and loves people who are smart. She is a free-speaker and does what she wants when she wants. She'll do whatever she can to win but she has accepted that she might die. (Lupunlisa did the same thing.)


Brown curly hair and sky blue eyes. She has fair skin with little red freckles. She's not that much of a looker, but she doesn't care so much.


Red ankle bracelet.


Her axe skills and her ckimbing skills.


None yet.


None yet.

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