Christopher "Rider" Everdeen


Christopher Everdeen





Preferred weapon


Tribute Token(s)

Mockingjay pin, Mockingjay ring, D1 Tribute inspired helmet, Mockingjay mask (in Capitol Wars)

Christopher James Everdeen (also known by his arena name Rider) is Katniss and Peeta's son and the main protagonist of The Son of Everdeen.
"For District 12, and for freedom!"
— Christopher Everdeen, The Son of Everdeen

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Christopher was born as the only child of his mother Katniss, and his father, Peeta. He had no other family as his Aunt Prim had died in the Games at a young age. As a child, Christopher's only hobby was swordskills and rebelling against the Capitol to put an end to the Hunger Games. When not rebelling, he is very intelectual, and very smart, learning about technology of the past and using it to help in the coal mines of his home. Because of this, he was offered a transport to District 3, but turned down the offer to stay with his family.

Friends and Relationships Edit

He has few friends, all of which share in his interests, one of which was his fellow Tribute and girlfriend, Ilana Anderson. Much like with Katniss and Peeta, Effie and Haymitch suggested Christopher marry Ilana, to garuntee thier survival. His other friends included a child by Mrs. Solecheck named Kane, who kept to himself alot.

The Arena Name "Rider"Edit

Christopher was given his arena name "Rider" due to the fact that he "rides" over the competition in the arena and emerges with little wounds. The name was given to him by Caesar Flickman.

Arena TokensEdit

Throughout the series, Christopher adorns a variety of arena tokens. Panem law clearly states that a Tribute may have as many as he/she likes, as long as such tokens do not double as weapons. His first Tribute Tokens were his mother's Mockingjay pin and a helmet he made from a helmet inspired by a costume from a D1 tribute. Cinna, the D12 stylist makes a ring for Christopher, designed to look like a Mockingjay is perched on his finger. Also, he designs a mask inspired by the bird to conceal his identidy after having suffering severe facial burns.


  • Christopher is Katniss and Peeta's only child.
  • In the first book, Christopher's age is set at 17, the age of his creator.
  • His origin of using a Mockingjay for most, if not all, of his Tribute Tokens are inspired by his mother's Tribute Token, a Mockingjay pin.

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