Primrose Rue MellarkEdit

My name is Primrose Rue Mellark, I'm 8 years old. My mothers Katniss Everdeen. My father is Peeta Mellark. I know my parents were in something bad. I know they made it out. But I know that people they knew didnt make it out. I know my aunt Prim didnt make it out. I know I am named after them. Sometimes, my father sits on a chair. Sometimes he grabs it and his eyes blank out. My mother tells me not to worry. She and my father lived in an different era. They lived during the Second Rebellion. They made it out. But they are scared. Emotionally.

My name is Primrose Rue Mellark, and I am 8 years old.

This is my life.

Finnick Odair Jr.Edit

My name is Finnick Odair. I am 5 years old. I have goldenn brown hair and blue eyes. My mother is Annie Cresta. My father is Finnick Odair. My father is dead. He was killed. I know that. I know that my mother is mad. She dosent make sense of the world. Sometimes she sticks her fingers in her ears and cries. I do not kknow what happened. It makes me sad.

My name is Finnick Odair.

This is my life.

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