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 This is my first chapter and my 2nd story hope you like it :)

Chapter 1: LoveEdit

I wake up, Knowing today is the reaping the dreaded day of Panem. Nobody wants to get reaped in this I mean no one. My Name is Lizzy Brown or people simply call me Lizz, Today is the worst day of my life or anyone's life. Its the reaping,When someone gets chosen for the reaping they get sent to fight for there death in a Arena. There can only be 1 victor and usually that is the career tributes. Let me fill you in Career tributes are people from District's 1,2 and 4. They train illegally for the games then volunteer in their last year, That means 18 some career's get picked reaped early but they aren't sad. They have been training up till then some career's are 12 but they still win or at least get kills. Thats the sad part in this none of the outer districts like 6,7,8,9,10,11,12. They usually win rarely which sucks since I come from District 7, I maybe might get a few kills with my axe not sure. Thinking about it makes my throat close and tears stream. It's now time for me to walk to the reapings, I walk with my brother to the square it's not a big deal when they take my blood this is my 2nd year. Yes I'm 14. Once were their we get seperated I try to look for my brother but I can't find him I almost missed my Name "Elizabeth Brown" I get stunned everyone is looking at me, I then see my brother looking at me crying. When the boy name "Scout Temperson" I see the boy as he looks at me and we shake hands.

Hope you liked it =)

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