Canon Character-turned Fanon
Age 13
Home Capitol (formerly)

District 7

Gender Female
Height Short-ish
Fate Alive
Appearances Catching Fire, Mockingjay
Portrayed by Erika Bierman
Cassia Snow is President Snow's thirteen-year-old granddaughter from the Capitol.

Appearance Edit

Cassia has dark green eyes and brown hair. She is short-ish for her age, and has an upturned nose and high cheekbones. Her neck is thin and a little longer than normal, and her dark eyebrows are high up on her forehead. She has pink cheeks, and a thin, pink mouth with minor dark circles under her eyes.

Personality Edit

Cassia is very rebellious. She hates her grandfather, and her grandmother and parents are dead. When Katniss was dominating the Games, she did her hair in the signature braid, and during the 75th Games she highlighted her hair with streaks of orange and red. Cassia is smart and normally quiet, but when she is angry she gets loud and bold.

Relationships Edit

President Snow Edit

Cassia barely ever talks to her grandfather because he is always so busy. When he does speak to her, she is always very polite and talks as little as possible, because if she says something too rebellious he could even execute her. She plays the dumb-little-girl part around the president so she doesn't seem too intelligent or bold.

Song Lopez Edit

Song is Cassia's best friend. Whenever President Snow is busy, since he knows that Song and her sister and mother like Cassia, he pawns her off to them. She spends most of her time at their house, practicing singing with Song and watching the mockingjays.

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