Cashmere was a lethal competitor in the 64th Hunger Games and possessed skills necessary to be crowned victor. She was 15 years old. She had long blonde hair that cascaded into curls with lime green eyes that posed a threat to anyone, that underestimated her. Although smaller than other tributes she was not inferior to them; and was not to be underestimated. Cashmere one her games by hunting solo, she declined her request to be apart of the career alliance because she wanted to be remembered for her significance throughout the 64th Annual Hunger Games. Her games succeeded that of her twin brother Gloss; whom is a favorite among the capitol citizens and his remembered for stabbing his opponent Topaz Twine directly in the eye ball in hand-to-hand combat; to injure her before finishing her off and being crowned victor. Cashmere method showed to be successful, she hunted the weaklings first, and left the strongest until later so that the finale would be brutal but also memorable. A poisonous fog led her right back to where the games began to compete with district 4 male Jon Snow and district 6 male Talon Walterbrieve, whom underestimated Cashmere from the very beginning. Her favoured weapon was a dagger, because it was a metaphor for her; small but mighty. In the finale she first attacked district 6 male Talon by burying her knife deep into the his voice box, causing his death to be slow and painful. As Talon begged for mercy and gasped for air he drowned in a pool of his own blood, which left the viewers of the capitol with a very entertaining finale. Jon was not as easy as Talon to take on, because he could out smart Cashmere and knew her strengths and weaknesses. After a long hand-to-hand combat between the two, a very damaged Cashmere managed to get Jon right where she wanted him. In a pinned position Cashmere stabbed him right in the abdomen before she tangled him in the fish net he twined and cut him up bit by bit and wore his organs on her body as sign of brutality.

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