Canun Stream

Age: 16

Appearance: Reddish-brown hair, cold black eyes, very muscular and strong.

Weakness: bow/arrow, knot-tying, edible plantsSkills: spears, knives, swords. Tracking, hunting, trapping, snares, agility, not bothered by cold

Strategy: Find the Careers and get a weapon and some food. Make a camp. Personality: Cold-hearted, stubborn, sarchastic, easily angered; otherwise outgoing

History: Canun grew up with 6 brothers, but he is the most outgoing of all of them. He is the middle child. Often he is mistreated, so he escapes to the woods or the hills to be alone. Often he would be thrown outside to spend a night in freezing temperatures, but he is beginning to stand that and has built up a tolerance for cold weather, so it no longer bothers him.

Token: black cord with 3 woden stars on it