Brigette Sloan

Brigette Sloan was a contestant in the 73rd Games from District 4. She won, but could never look at a person with blond hair when she witnessed her ally, Claire, killed by shark muttations.

Name: Brigette Mirabella Sloan

Age: 16

Appearance: 6 foot 2, black hair with blue streaks. Thin.

Skills: Exellent swimmer, great hunter, fast, amazing aim, snares

Weaknesses: Nothing

Volunteered or reaped: Volunteered

Reaping: I was standing in the town square in my strapless blue gown. Me and my father had worked out a strategy. When Lila, our districts escort was about to pick the girl for the Games I got on my fathers back and stood with a raised hand. Lila was saying who she picked, half the other girls were raising their hands. She said "You, with the black hair and blue dress. Come up here" and I was now a contestant in the 73rd Hunger Games.

Token: Blue bracelet passed down from mother to daughter for 19 generations.

District: 4

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