Bombing of District 12

Conflict: Second Rebellion
Date: 2975
Place: District 12
Outcome: District 12 destroyed
District 12
District 2
The Capitol
Gale Hawthorne
Romulus Thread
10,000 citizens of District 12
8000 Peacekeeper Defectors
15,000 Peacekeepers
2065 citizens of District 12
3000 Peacekeeper Defectors
Very Heavy

The Bombing of District 12 was an event that took place in District 12 after the liberation of the 75th Annual Hunger Games.


After the 75th Annual Hunger Games came to an end when Katniss Everdeen destroyed the arena, which was the beginning of the revolution against the Capitol, many citizens were forced to be put back in their homes or other places in District 12 by 15,000 Peacekeepers under the order of Romulus Thread, who was getting ready to leave once President Snow sent hovercrafts to bomb the district and all of its citizens. However, the plan was interrupted when Purnia and Darius brought in a battalion of 8000 Peacekeeper Defectors that supported the rebellion and managed to overwhelm Thread's forces.

During the fight, Darius was killed in the crossfire when he gave his life to save a large group of 900 children and teenagers altogether that got themselves separated from their families, but managed to escape with many citizens that were led by Gale Hawthorne through a secret tunnel. While many more citizens were escaping District 12, Romulus rallied a number of Peacekeepers to prevent the rest from escaping, but Purnia and her battalion were able to fend them off. As the Capitol bombers were getting close, Purnia managed to kill Thread for his cruelty and ordered her forces to retreat. More than 7935 out of 10,000 people (including 5000 Peacekeeper Defectors) survived the bombings and were later picked up by District 13.

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