Creator: Rainstorm239
Age 18
Occupation Rebel
Gender Female
Height Average
Fate Alive
Blossom Cypress is an eighteen-year-old District 1 participator in the second rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Blossom has light, pale skin and wavy dirty-blond hair. She has naturally pink lips, and light brown arched eyebrows. Blossom is average height, with a wiry, athletic figure. Her face is narrow and pale, and her eyes are hazel-green. She always wears a silver chain with a diamond pendant around her neck. It is her district token, and she keeps it on always.

Personality Edit

Blossom is a serious, solemn person. She doesn't make jokes a lot, but she is very social and smart. She knows everything about every district, including what they produce, and what their population is. Blossom is a very fast runner, though she doesn't look it. She doesn't care about looks, but lots of boys like her in her district. When she isn't at school, she is at home writing or hanging with her friends. She does not believe in anything that the Capitol does, and unlike a lot of Career district children, she hates the Hunger Games.

History Edit

Blossom was born to Sparkle and Glaze Cypress. She has an older sister named Saphira, but Saphira lives in the Capitol as the District 1 stylist. At age seventeen, Blossom was called for the 74th Hunger Games, but a few dozen people volunteered, so she was not part of the Games. After the 75th Games, Blossom escaped from her district to District 13, and became a rebel.

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