• Zombiehunter115

    New Guy

    April 3, 2017 by Zombiehunter115

    I'm ZH115.  I'm new.  I have an idea for a Hunger Games.  Thought I'd try this wiki out.

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  • Lunaticthegame

    Dang this place is barren but I got a story that features 48 different tributes...

    Epic battles...

    And drama(boo)

    The 100TH hunger games

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  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Your favourite teen named Jennifer is here! I am making a role-playing games! You must contribute or else! JK JK you can contribute if you want. I neeeeeeeeeeeed 24 tributes! I also neeeeeeeeeeeeeed you to listen to THE RUUUUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!!!!

    Maximum 5 tributes per person.

    You are helping me make these games if you want your tribute to kill another, you must work it out with me, and the owner of the other tribute.

    If you want to create a tribute post the statistics on my message wall.

    I AM YOUR MENTOR I am in charge of all sponsoring gifts. If your tribute is injured I'll either be nice or mean. Let's hope I'm in a good mood alot.


    Name Gender Age District Wea…

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  • Lady Snow

    My Tributes

    February 19, 2012 by Lady Snow

    If anyone wanta to help make my tributes if they could use Cornelius Quaker's Template that would be great. When we have them all done I'll make a poll to see who will be my POV. Thanks The Jabberjay 17:36, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Cornelius Quakers


    Full name:



    Date of Birth:


    Age: How old does s/he look?

    Eye color:



    Type of body/build:

    Skin tone:

    Hair Color, Type, and Hairstyle:

    Does s/he work on his/her appearance and if so how would s/he look without working on it?

    How would weeks without upkeep effect their appearance?


    Favorite colors:

    Least favorite colors:

    Favorite type of clothes (ex: casual, fancy):

    Least favorite clothes:

    Favorite saying/motto:


    Mom: Relationship with her:

    Father: Relationship with him:

    Siblings: How many? Birth Order: Relationship with them:

    How does s/he relate to others?

    Is s/he considered popular/outgoing?

    Friends: How Many? List from best friends to barely friends: Relationship with …

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  • Tansyuduri


    February 16, 2012 by Tansyuduri

    Here's the Deal The Character Games are a variation on the popular "user games" on the hunger games wiki. They focus on creativity and originality when it comes to making your very own hunger games character. Events will follow the pattern of in book hunger games.

    • Head to the square
    • the reaping
    • Chariot rides
    • Interviews
    • Cornacopia
    • Survival
    • Sponcers
    • Game Makers

    But Winning will be based on the depth of your charaters and also creativity.The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get a nice shiney for their user profile

    Head to the Square This is where its time to sign up! Make a profile for a character and link to it in the user comments. the best male and female candidate will be chosen for each district to continue, you may enter up to 5 candidates to…

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  • Tansyuduri

    Tansy's Fanfiction Guides

    February 16, 2012 by Tansyuduri

    Tansy's Fanfiction Guides are works by Tansyuduri meant to help fanfiction writers when it comes to their craft. They are Curently Works in Progress and while some relate to a specific fandom others (the ones what will be listed here) can be useful to anyone.

    • Fanfiction Guides OCXCannon
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  • Tansyuduri

    Hosting a Contest

    February 16, 2012 by Tansyuduri

    Here's the Deal The Character Games are a variation on the popular "user games" on this wiki. They focus on creativity and originality when it comes to making your very own hunger games character. Events will follow the pattern of in book hunger games.

    • Head to the square
    • the reaping
    • Chariot rides
    • Interviews
    • Cornacopia
    • Survival
    • Sponcers
    • Game Makers

    But Winning will be based on the depth of your charaters and also creativity.The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get a nice shiney for their user profile

    Head to the Square This is where its time to sign up! Make a profile for a character and link to it in the user comments. the best male and female candidate will be chosen for each district to continue, you may enter up to 5 candidates to but be fore…

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  • Wildcats11630

    Hello, and welcome to the first official Wiki hunger games. So this is how it goes down, for all of you who do not know what an rp is, im going to put this as simple as i can, an rp is when you take the role of your character and act as them through different senarios, at first it may seem confusing, but over time you will get better at it. Rps are strictly for blogs because when used on seperate pages i gets messy. Also whenever you want to talk about something thats not related to the rp use () two show its not part of the rp. When you talk as your oc, use this format, Character name:* optional actions or verbs* Characters words. For an example of an rp go here.

    So the rp here is ovbiosly about the hunger games, use one of the tributes th…

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  • Mockingjay.On.Fire

    "Haymitch Abernathy."

    It takes a moment for the name to sink in before I realize it is my own. I step out of the cluster of boys and take one last look at the faces that surround me. Friends. Family. Teachers. None of whom dare to meet my eyes. I know they won't go forward to take my spot as tribute, and the looks of guilt on their faces is like rubbing salt on a fresh cut.

    Rage bubbles inside me, keeping my feet from moving closer to the platform. Closer to my certain death. My eyes fall upon the familiar one's of a girl in the crowd. She looks away, guilt shaping her face like everyone else's. Jessie. Sorrow replaces the anger in my chest. I would never see her again. If only I could tell her I love her. Before I die.

    "Haymitch?" The voice …

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  • PiGirl

    Clove and Cato: A love story

    February 9, 2012 by PiGirl

    Clove and Cato: A love story

    I just wrote this to try to make people see them as... A bit more human. I know most people think of them as really cruel monsters, so maybe this will fix it.

    Clove looked at Brutus across the table, with the entire Comittee of Victors behind him, and Cato sitting next to her. She knew they were probably in trouble. Of course, there's still a chance it was just a pre-Reaping pep talk. Since District Two was such a warrior district, the victors had worked out a way to ensure plenty of future victors. Every year, a day after the Reaping,nevery ten year old who wanted to volunteer for the Games went to the Victors Villiage. The Victors would, together, choose one boy and girl. The boy and girl would be traine…

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  • Haybernathy


    February 6, 2012 by Haybernathy

    Hello, all.

    We 190 images on this wiki, and about three of them are licensed. I want you all to go through every image you have uploaded and source it using this template. If you have any questions about this, please ask in the comments.

    I will be working on an image policy soon, and I'd hate to say it... but it may be very strict.

    Some things we all need to take note of,

    • We're not an image hosting service. Please don't upload images that you aren't going to place anywhere. It'll be deleted.
    • If you do not source your image, it will be deleted.

    If the image you're uploading is a screenshot, please say so. In the image summary (when uploading) say something along the lines of "Screen shotted by me to show ____ that ____."

    With lunaii's, the same thing. O…

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  • Haybernathy

    Okay! So, a new month is among us, which means... a new Setting the Scene! As Anna is not here, I thought that I should run it this month.

    Last time we had to write a POV of anyone for Rue's death. Well, since March is the month of The Hunger Games film premiere, we should do something special, memorable... something that started it all.

    You're all probably thinking... "Oh. The reapings." Well, no! I am thinking of... The berry scene! By 'starting it all', I meant really starting everything... the uprisings, the rebellion.

    This POV can be of anyone. Peeta, Katniss, Snow, Seneca. Maybe even the audience! It is entirely up to you.

    So, get your entries in fast! They have to be in by the 15th so we can start voting on the 16th.

    Lavinia's POV, by Necterine41…

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  • The Inceptionist


    February 1, 2012 by The Inceptionist

    I was browsing Community Central and an idea came to mind: what if this wiki applied for a Wikia Spotlight? If we are going to do so, a lot of work must be done: all the wiki's pages must be categorized, pages will need to use templates when appropriate or needed, we cannot have any stub pages, and our policy must be finished. But I think if we finish all these things in time, we can be advertising our wiki in a spotlight around the time of the Hunger Games movie release.

    Should we? Tell me your thoughts.


    A list of things that we need done:

    • All policies complete
    • No stub pages (all pages have sufficient amount of text)
    • All pages categorized correctly (especially User: and Stories categories)
    • Pages have the Writer template at the top
    • Templates cre…
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  • Moviepopcorn123

    My Idea

    February 1, 2012 by Moviepopcorn123

    So I had this idea for a book/short story. It would be about how a boy name Ash and his friends, Amber, and Mist are supposedly.selected to go and face off in an annual race. The kids are taken to an unknown island. Them and 27 other children (all 13-16) arrive. Then it is revealed that they have infact been kidnapped by a group of terrorists. The children are forced into cages. They are taken to a arena in the middle of the island and dumped there. Then a bunch of criminals from serial killers to bombers are released. They are told to hunt down the children, one by one.

    April 14th, 2059

    In history today we learned that 40 somthing years ago we were suppose to have flying cars and giant buildings. Thats not true, now we have no oil no gas a…

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  • Tris Prior

    Creative Writing Class

    January 31, 2012 by Tris Prior

    For Creative Writing Class at school, we have to write a book. Yup. This is why you shouldn't have a gym teacher as you writing teacher. Long story short. Language teacher broke her leg standing on a chair, no takers cause salary was to low and the gym teacher was stuck with the job. Go figure. So this is what I wrote, kinda like the bad blurb.

    "I'd follow you anywhere" Will says and grabs my hand. "Come on. If your going into the volcano, I'm coming with you."

    Hesitantly, I reach out and stare into Will's dark brown eyes. Their dark. Like ashy coals mixed with the oak trees.

    "Are you sure?" I ask.

    "I'm sure, Leven." He smiles. "I'd follow you anywhere.


    Fourteen year old Leven Harrington sees it as a death sentence…

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  • Skybender101

    New Message Wall

    January 27, 2012 by Skybender101

    Your fellow admin Sky speaking here! So how is everyone enjoying this new message wall?

    • It's a faster way to post messages on individual's talk page
    • Similar to Facebook wall post (could be a con too)
    • You do not need a signature because it tells you who you are just in case you forget a signature (could be a con too)
    • You can follow and unfollow posts on the wall

    • Similar to Facebook wall pos (could be a pro too)
    • You do not need a signature (could be a pro too)
    • Could be hard to get used to

    Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Also should I continue "Through the Eyes of Rue"

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  • Mr.Mikachu


    January 26, 2012 by Mr.Mikachu


    Most of you know me from the Hunger Games wiki... I think. I'm going to be a regular user here and I'm going to put my stories on both this and the Hunger Games wiki if you're too lazy to switch around. 'Kay, that's it. :)

    The Son of Neptune, Apollo, and Cinna... 16:47, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Kwankwan44


    January 26, 2012 by Kwankwan44

    A boy from District 1 has become the Hunger Games, "Phantom of the Opera". His sister was chosen for the reaping, and he will keep her alive, even if it means going into the arena unknown! When his sister dies, he avenges her deaths by killing tributes in each game. He even is driven to madness that he risks going into the Capitol to kill tributes before the games even start! The worst part, he kills even victors! Will he be caught? Let's find out.

    The day of the reaping is done. My sister was chosen, but I am a boy, so I cannot volunteer for her. I have a sinking feeling in my heart. Why must she be reaped? Why must she be chosen? She must live. My halloween costume! The phantom. This is if I only knew where the arena is. Th…

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  • Skybender101

    Hello fanon wiki! Wow this community grew a lot! Sorry for my inactivity; I feel that I have let some people down. Once again, I'm really sorry.............. but I'm back!





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  • Haybernathy


    January 15, 2012 by Haybernathy

    Hello fellow wikians. :) I just wanted to share a few ideas I have for this wiki, and I'd really appreciate your opinion.

    First off, I think we should have a [[|main page]] slider. A main page slider is a gallery of four or less large images (see here). So, maybe each month we can elect, on the voting hub, a featured character and story (perhaps location or chapters as well) and put them in the slider as well as where they currently are on the page. Then, when the month ends, we can archive the fanons and characters on special pages like 'Project:Featured Story' and 'Project:Featured Fanon'. (like here and here.)

    Next I think maybe we should change the colours. Something more brighter, something more interesting. Gray is very dull, in my opi…

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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    Lover Boy Peeta's POV My platform was risen up. All 24 of us were facing a huge cornucopia filled with items. My hands itched to get on at least a couple items. I knew they would be able to help me during the Games. I peeked at Katniss. Her chestnut brown hair fluttered in the wind, kissing her cheeks. Her chocolate colored eyes darted from place to place on the cornucopia, looking for… whatever. Her eyes lock on something, and I follow her gaze. A bow and arrow. Her best weapon. NO! Everybody knows that the first confrontation at the cornucopia is a bloodbath. At least half of the tributes die. Katniss catches my eye. I shake my head at her. If she dies, I may as well kill myself. I could not live without her. The buzzer rings. Katniss sco…

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  • Team Peeta Anna

    Setting the Scene

    January 14, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    For the month of February, The Hunger Games Fanon is introducing a brand new Sub heading….Setting the Scene! In this category, we will select a specific scene from one of the Hunger Games books. It could be anything, from Rue’s death scene, Katniss and Peeta Cave scene, When Katniss sang to Pollux, killing Coin…etc.

    Here’s where YOU take place. The idea is for one of the users to write a paragraph or two to be featured in “Setting the Scene” It has to be written in the perspective of another character, that’s NOT Katniss, because that’s the original scene.

    Leave a message below in comments!

    This month, the scene you must write in another perspective is the scene where Rue dies. This scene is a couple of chapters but we will select one or two …

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  • The Inceptionist

    What the heck...

    January 13, 2012 by The Inceptionist

    I have tried and tried again, but I cannot get the wiki's background to change to save my life. Wikia staff member Moon Beam was kind enough to design us a new background and logo, but I can't change the background. Every time I do, it reverts back to the mockingjay pin thing.

    Any other admins having this problem?

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  • Oblivion1001
    Sometimes, vicissitude is good. Vicissitude means change, but it's not always good. Like the day we were just sitting there, me and Rose, her name's short for Rosella, when we saw a moving van outside a house in our street. We draw pictures with sticks in the dirt and tell each other ridiculous jokes that don't even make sense but we laugh anyway.

    "What do you get when you cross a carrot and a vegetable?" I ask her, smiling. Before I give her a chance to answer, I burst out laughing. "An orange vegetable!"

    That's about right when we see the girl coming towards us.

    "Hi," she says, looking stiffly down at us. I see she's looking at the dirt in my hands. I put it beside me into an empty slushy cup.

    "Hi!" says Rose, looking up at the girl. "I'm Ro…

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    The Extreme Reviews

    January 9, 2012 by ExtremeSSJ4

    Hello everyone! I decided to make my own reviews here on the wiki. I will mainly review characters, stories, video games and more. This is my opinion of stories so don't feel bad if you are given a low grade. So if you are given a low grade just try to write more and prove my rating wrong

    If you don't agree with my cons then comment explaining why I'm wrong - 08:39, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

    None so far...

    • A+: Awesome
    • A
    • B+: Big Time
    • B
    • C+: Cool
    • C
    • D+: Don't hurt my eyes please
    • D
    • F+
    • F: Fail Fail Fail!!!

    None so far...

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  • Wiressprincess

    Age: 12

    District: 7

    Best Friends: Adriana Cole,

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  • Oblivion1001

    Heyhey! This is a new series I'm writing, hope you all enjoy it!

    Isabelle was the first one welcomed into the Shadowveil; no one knows why, perhaps it should have been Cahe,

    Everything is going to be okay'. I can stay strong. I have to act brave, before they

    figure out who I really am.

    Written by


    Number of Chapters


    Main Character(s):

    Isa, Abby, Faust, Jay, Cahe

    or Jay, or Faust, or Abby, but it was Isabelle, and she was frightened. Now before we go any farther, I should explain what the Shadowveil is. The Shadowveil is a secret forest, forbidden. The Shadowveil is forbidden. The truth was, there was a jewel in the middle. It will be dangerous for these kids, all 14, to recover the gem from the forest, but they need to do it; especially…

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  • Team Peeta Anna

    Yay or Nay

    January 7, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    Hey...I created a new background and was thinking of changing the headers, links, and stuff color into like gray and greenish. so do you guys liek it? or is it wierds? I can do back to the old one.

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  • Cornelius Quakers

    A Second Sight Wiki

    December 28, 2011 by Cornelius Quakers

    Please check out my new wiki! Its alot of fun but I need all the support I can get so please check it out!!!

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  • Rueflower

    Hi just wanted to say hi and make some new friends

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  • Trackerjacker

    Chloe in the Games

    December 23, 2011 by Trackerjacker

    Deleted Whoops

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  • Jabberjay78

    Stop it Guys!

    December 21, 2011 by Jabberjay78

    Guys I'm not coming back I just came here to leave Clove a reply to a message she left me :D sorry!

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  • Oblivion1001

    Cameron Yates

    Chapter 1:

    One of my "good friends", Nate, is a total egghead. He is the biggest egghead in the history of eggheads, but I know he likes me, I'm just not sure if I like him back yet.

    Nevermind. I don't like him.

    Sure, he's been cute and everything...

    He's very...


    Let's drop it, okay?

    Just drop it.

    Chapter 2:

    My other friend, Anna, apparently went into the forest one night. Don't ask me why. She sai she wanted to see what was on the other side of the forest, and Nate went with her.

    I was trying to fall asleep, but was soon awoken by something screaming from the forest.

    I went in there, it was Nate, this evil girl called Auralee captured us and held us for ransom and she said in her little priss voice "Oh, too bad, you won't be see…

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  • Oblivion1001

    Chapter 1: Why am I scared? I should not be scared. I only have every reason to be scared. I am not afraid of the dark. Don't be afraid of the dark, I say. Don't be afraid of the dark. There is nothing to fear. I went back on those words.

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  • Oblivion1001

    Chapter 1:

    I sit up. Trill's hand is wrapped around the light, and she's panting. I sit down next to her and take the black light.

    Then I gasp.

    "What?" Rev shouts, rushing over.

    "It says... just for a minute though... it says..."

    Weakly, I read the words one more time.

    "One of us is going to die finding the red diamond pendant."

    The last thing I expected was an old friend to then run up and tap me on the shoulder.


    Chapter 2:

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  • Oblivion1001

    The Blacker Light

    December 19, 2011 by Oblivion1001

    Chapter 1:

    Dawn seeps through the trees. Cam is leaning on my shoulder.

    Still, no one has been able to locate Nate and Trillium, and Cam still thinks Auralee has them somewhere.

    And I can't say I disagree with her.

    I'm expecting a beautiful place, like hills or mountains to be on the other side of the forest. Something someone would give to see. So it comes as a hock to me as I register my surroundings.

    This foggy, gray sky is not what I expected. The air is moist and thick. There's rocky landscape and a huge lake. Maybe a sea or an ocean. Nothing makes a sound. It's as if the color, the life, of this place has been leached out, leaving only gray. Cam squeezes my hand, as if she needs something to hold on to to keep her from being sucked into t…

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  • Oblivion1001

    The Secret Hollow Forest

    December 18, 2011 by Oblivion1001

    Chapter 1:

    The pine forest is on the other side of the hill, past the wire fence. You can see the dark outline of the trees in

    the silvery moonlight.

    They tell us not to go there, and I don't go there.

    But I want to know what's in al those trees. What forbids us to go there.

    They tell us not to go there but I want to go there.

    I look around and finally fall asleep, looking up at the cold crescent moon shining bright in the sky.

    Chapter 2:

    I am pulled awake by the sunlight seeping through the window, hitting me in the face. I blink, trying to get the sun out of my eyes. Rolling over, I look at my clock on the table next to my small bed. 7:34. I sigh, and walk out of bed. Winter's cold this year, so I pull on my boots, brown leather with fur lining.…

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  • The Inceptionist

    Hunger Games ONLY!

    December 18, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    As we all know, this is the Hunger Games Fanon wiki. I've begun to notice that there are some stories on this wiki unrelating to the Hunger Games. Someone brought this issue to my attention, and I need to address it. If a story is not fanon of The Hunger Games, it will be deleted. Period. All stories must take place in the Hunger Games universe and have aspects of the canon storyline in it. It doesn't matter if a story was inspired by The Hunger Games or closely resembles it. If it is not Hunger Games fanon, then it should not be a page on this wiki. If you insist on keeping it on the wiki, put it in a blog. But please, do not write any more non-Hunger Games stories on the wiki.

    The deletion of non-Hunger Games stories is in effect immediatel…

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  • Skybender101

    Things To Follow

    December 7, 2011 by Skybender101

    As you all know, this wiki is blossoming and should continue to. There a few things that I want you guys to follow while using this wiki.

    • Please do not make a page that is spam and not have to do with THG.
    • Do not keep creating categories that will not be put in to good use.
    • No badge editting (editting pages for badges only).
    • Check the main page of this wiki for featured things of the month so you do not nominate it again for the next Voting Hub.

    I hope this isn't mean to anyone, but it's just some things that have been bothering me. Hopefully we can begin with our wiki policy soon.

    Happy Holidays! From: Skybender101  Talk  Contribs  Following 

    23:11, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Oblivion1001


    December 7, 2011 by Oblivion1001

    Sometimes I wonder if I should quit writing? I can't really seem to write anything really interesting, it's all the same old boring stuff.

    Should I continue to write?

    I just finished the 3rd book of my Secret Hollow Forest. I didn't think it was very good, and I really don't think my 1st or 2nd was great also.

    And I'm not just doing this for attention...

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  • HandDrawnPhotograph

    Hi! It's me, Izzy. You probably know me from fanfiction, and just wanted to say, I might be starting an Syot about the 58th Hunger Games. PM me on fanfiction on your opinon, (you know, wether I should attempt it or not.) Thanks!


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  • Oblivion1001

    Just Wondering

    December 5, 2011 by Oblivion1001

    On the home page? I kind of wanted to know how you get all your tributes and your stories up there. Just wondering. Sorry if I'm rude or anything.

    Damn, damn, damn, what I'd do to have you here here here i wish you were here... 03:52, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Foxface911

    A lot of you know me from The Hunger Games Wiki because I am quite active there so I am wondering if I should join this community. No offense, but it doesn't seem as wildly populated as that one. And I don't write fanfics but I enjoy reading them. I'm more of a 'tributes and games' kind of gal. How often would I need to be on a day? (For THG Wiki it's about 1.5 to 3 hours for me). What about the community? How many users are active? Would you like this firey bad-mouthing rebel girl on your wiki?

    --If it's more than 5 feet away, it becomes unnecessary. -Foxface911 (talk) 03:47, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Team Peeta Anna

    Dear Guest

    You are cordially invited to an tour of Santa's Workshop, led by me Anti Santa. As you all know, I am the twin brother of Santa Claus. He his given me the privlidge of conducting this tour. This tour will include and inside look of all creation of toys and games. It will conclude with an delicious cup of hot chocolate during and bumpy hayride led by Rudolph. Please RSVP in comments, in the following format

    I, _________ wiill be attending The Santa Workshop Tour and I enjoy ____________.

    Only 10 spots avaliable in the tour, so sign up!

    My Best Wishes,

    Mr. Santa A. Claus

    As said in Community Message, create an roleplay, contest, or story? I can't remember. This is kind of like my Christmas Romance, but unlike that there will be killing …

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  • Renee7

    I have a brilliant Idea

    December 4, 2011 by Renee7

    We should change our profile pictures to suit the Christmas theme.

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  • Renee7

    My Pic

    December 3, 2011 by Renee7

    I assume I can edit this wiki,

    So my pic is basically what I look like.


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  • Renee7

    Hi guys and girls

    December 3, 2011 by Renee7

    I'm Renee7, some of you may know me from The Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki and The Hunger Games Wiki. Would I be able to join this community?

    Thanks, Renee7

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  • The Inceptionist

    Okay everyone, I just applied for this wiki to become an affiliate of the HG Wiki. Hopefully, this should increase peoples' awareness about the wiki and attract more users.

    EDIT: Alright, the wiki is now officially affiliated with the Hunger Games Wiki. A Wikia staff member from the HG Wiki has posted about us on Twitter and Facebook in an effort to make us more known.

    My question to all of you is, should we get Twitter and Facebook widgets on our main page just like the HG Wiki does? The suggestion was brought to me by Kate.moon (the Wikia staff member). She is willing to set it up for us, but I wanted to hear from everyone to see if it would be a good idea. Thoughts?

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  • EffieLuna

    What's a fanon?

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