Berry Brighter
Victor of 18th Hunger Games
Age 20
Occupation Mentor
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height 5'1
Weapon Sword
Fate Alive

Berry BrighterEdit


When she was a child she use to be a Pear Picker. Just like her cousin, Lupunlisa, she use to relax in the trees while pretending to work. She taught Lupunlisa to climb trees and is very good at climbing them herself. She was then picked for the 18th Hunger Games. Her life changed forever after that. On the last day of her games the Career's and her alliance had a fight which ended with everyone dead but her, even the people in her alliance. She then cried "Why! Why must we have the games! What did she do to deserve this. What did he do to deserve this! What did we all do to deserve this!". Every reaping after that her siblings have been reaped. "Each one of her three siblings died. Melinda, her younger sibling of 12, died at the Bloodbath. I saw it coming though. Ashley, her older sister, died in 4th place trying to kill a kid from ten. Daken,her older brother, died in the finale battle. Her hope's were better each time. They were then chrushed." is what Lupunlisa said about it. Berry thinks the Reaping is rigged because of what she said.


Even after her three siblings were killed and she has been put in the games she still manages to keep a smile. She is usually happy and is also a very caring and hopeful person. Still, she can have her moments were she can be very angry and she also has nightmares. After a nightmare she can be very sad and might even get very mad if provoked. She is very kind to the tributes she is mentoring. (Thinkable, since each year since her games her family has been put in the games.)


She has straight dark brown hair that goes to her back and dark brown eyes. Her skin is brown and her ears are peirced.


The career tributes from One and Two from her Games. A boy from three and a boy from six. She has also injured a girl from eight who later died from the injury's.


For the first two days of the games she was in Berry had an alliance with the boy from her district, Tyris who later died from tracker jacker stings. She then had an alliance with a girl from twelve named Luna and a boy from 10 named Arnold.

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